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  1. We don't have any official information about potential dissolution of devteam from any higher ups, so at this point no. But if the push comes to shove, I'll do what's necessary
  2. Really nice! Will add your submission in the OP
  3. You can go either way, it's totally up to you. I personally created my own thread when I did my submissions and posted the links in the STS Thread, so yes you can do so if you want If I understood your second question correctly, then yes. You can redesign the Shuttle inbetween the missions (you can even build an outright new design if you want to)
  4. Well, the point of these missions is to complete the tasks while flying a shuttle. You don't build a ropeway to cross a river when you were asked to build a bridge, even if you can cross the river on both You can build as many Shuttle designs as you want. You can have a brand-new Shuttle for every single mission if you want to, as long as you complete the given tasks. No limitations on that part As for the game, it's KSP2 only: we've had 6 Challenge threads spread over 9 years dedicated to KSP1, and seeing as KSP2 is the currently supported game, I thought releasing v7 on KSP2 will be the right choice looking ahead Honestly, does it really make that much of a difference? The "telescope" is a placeholder anyway until we get an actual telescope part Oh yea, we're still going. And I would be happy to review your submissions
  5. And also, one small thing... STS v7 IS NOW LIVE IN KSP2! It has been an incredible journey, and I would like to thank all participants and contributors of v6. Without you this thread wouldn't be what it is See you around
  6. At last I have time to review the submissions. I profusely apologize for taking so long @Alchemist, but I promised that I would review the non-graded reports, and I am a man of my word Your submissions look great! Nice design, plenty of screenshots, and clean runway landings. And a STS-5T Test Pilot mission to boot! Here are your badges
  7. Hello and welcome to STS Challenge Thread Number 7! At long last, one of (if not the) longest running challenges for KSP is finally coming to KSP 2. It is a great honour to be the moderator/host of this version and continue the work of earlier hosts. I would like to thank both @sturmhauke and @Artienia for support during the preparations of version 7, which would basically be impossible without their direct input and additions. Round of applause for the lads As you can see, there are some brand new additions in Moho and Dres Series, as well as the returning classics such as Kerbin and Mun Series, and there will be more missions coming both for the new and already existing Series, so stay tuned You will also notice that the vast majority of the screenshots are still from KSP 1. They are perfect placeholders, but when submissions start coming in, I will happily insert your pictures in their stead, so that the thread is more inline with the new game There were, however, some omissions: KSP2, while in great shape after the latest updates, is still somewhat lacking in terms of parts/features available compared to KSP1. Because of that, some missions have undergone slight adjustments, with Minmus Series outright not included due to the heavy focus on resource scanning and mining . No worries, Minmus Series will come back as soon as the Mining Mechanics are reintroduced in KSP2 As always, have fun and good luck on your Endeavours
  8. SHUTTLE CHALLENGE v7 - THE 0.2.0+ STS THREAD Incredible artwork by @HazelPine from the Screenshots Re-imagined thread This heritage challenge is now in its seventh version, and for the first time in KSP2! A history: @inigma's original STS Space Shuttle Challenges @mythic_fci's STS Challenge v2 @Speeding Mullet's Shuttle Challenge v3 and Shuttle Challenge v4 @michal.don's Shuttle Challenge v5 @sturmhauke's Shuttle Challenge v6 The series of challenges below represent a sliding scale of difficulty ranging from relatively simple to highly complex. Updates and Clarifications Minor Adjustments to existing missions to accomodate the KSP 2 mechanics Cleared up some descriptions due to having non-functional links Brand New Series - Moho and Dres are now live! New additions coming soon Minmus Series have been temporarily removed due to huge focus on resource mining and lack of Ore Mining mechanics in KSP2 (as of version As soon as Ore Mining is introduced in KSP2, the missions will be reinstated! Reference Materials Proposed rescue mission - recreated in STS-4 A topic in the science & spaceflight forum section by @GoSlash27. Lots of great information about the shuttle, and a heated, but very interesting discussion. RULES - PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGES Official definition of a shuttle for this challenge A "reusable" winged Orbiter which carries kerbals (and cargo for any mission beyond STS-1a) to orbit and back and is capable of a horizontal landing. It's advisable to have OMS engine(s) for trajectory changes as well as an RCS system for maneuvering. The Orbiter must be lifted into space by a Launch System that decouples or undocks once expended, allowing the Orbiter to land entirely under its own power. When in doubt about any of the following rules, please ask first. IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain missions at the time of writing this (KSP2 v. cannot be reliably completed without information provided by Micro Engineer. You might consider installing it to complete the challenges until future game updates add extended orbital info Badge elements and their meanings Veteran shuttle builders know what all the elements mean, but it was never outright stated in the rules before. So now, an overdue explanation: The colors of the planet indicate the mission series and which planet (or other body) the series centers around. The number of stars indicates the mission rank (not necessarily the same as the mission designation number). The color of the stars indicates the mission difficulty - silver for Pilot, gold for Commander. The color of the laurels indicates what type of parts were used for mission crafts - silver for mod parts, gold for stock only (including DLC). The color of the outer piping indicates the type of mission - silver for standard missions, other colors for bonus missions. Missions completed with a planet mod have a royal purple border and ribbon, with the relevant mod shown. MISSIONS Kerbin Series (STS-1 through STS-8) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES MISSIONS STS-1 TO STS-3 IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE KERBIN BONUS SERIES Kerbin Bonus Series (STS-1B through STS-2B) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE MUN SERIES Mun Series (MUN STS-1 through MUN STS-7) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE DUNA SERIES Duna Series (DUNA STS-1 through DUNA STS-3) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE JOOL SERIES Jool Series (JOOL STS-1) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE EVE SERIES Eve Series (EVE STS-1) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE MOHO SERIES Moho Series (MOHO STS-1) YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN SERIES IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE DRES SERIES Dres Series (DRES STS-1) "TEST PILOT" MISSIONS - NO PREVIOUS MISSIONS REQUIRED Test Pilot Series (STS-1T through STS-6T) HONORARY BADGES STS Engineer Award Given by an STS Architect for developing a sub-assembly that ends up being a core part of this challenge, or for assisting heavily in the development of a Shuttle. If you have a sub-assembly you'd like to be reviewed, please post a detailed analysis and example mission report in the challenge thread. Skunkworks Badge This badge is given to people who have submitted especially unique and outstanding designs which abide by the given definition of a space shuttle. Skunkworks badge holders are still eligible for the above mission badges. The full list of Skunkworks badge holders is as follows: @Alchemist - A full Jool-5 run in two shuttles completed on the Jool STS-1. Mission report here @Ozelui - Two shuttles going on an adventure to Duna, building crazy stuff all over the place. STS Duna-2 report here @Kerbolitto - An extensive trip through the inner solar system, including a Moho landing. Mission report here @QF9E - A Grand Tour with a shuttle landing on every single body except for Eve, which instead used a specialized lander and a diving bell to reach the Explodium Sea floor. Mission report (Part I) here @Entropian - RSS missions but with standard stock parts, making the difficulty insanely high. First mission report here @Fulgora - A Mun STS-2-4 mission featuring 3 simultaneous shuttle launches and more cool stuff, made possible by a custom kOS script. Mission report here Architect Badge To receive the Architect Badge is a rare honor. To be awarded at my discretion, or through nomination of michal.don, Speeding Mullet, sturmhauke, mythic_fci, or inigma for my consideration, and given for acts of invaluable contribution to the challenge above and beyond the call of duty. The full list of Architect badge holders is as follows: @inigma - Original Challenge Creator/Manager, Builder of highly-capable STS Space Shuttle and numerous STS-related subassemblies @mythic_fci - Version 2 Challenge Creator/Manager, builder of a highly capable shuttle, and excellent giver of advice @Speeding Mullet - Version 3 and 4 Challenge Creator, temporary admin of Version 2 Challenge @michal.don - Version 5 Challenge Creator, expanded the STS program to Eve and Minmus and many new missions @sturmhauke - Version 6 Challenge Creator, reorganized and clarified rules, made new badges, added new missions including planet mods, co-author of numerous new missions for v7 @Artienia - Version 6 Challenge Moderator, co-author of numerous new missions for v7 @xoknight - Creator and maintainer of the venerable Hubble Space Telescope across 3 versions, requiring consistent updates
  9. Hello fellas As was announced previously by @sturmhauke and @Artienia, the V7 is in development and will be coming soon. However, due to IRL stuff, busy schedules and other factors that I will not delve into, both of them (at least temporarily) won't be actively participating in the moderation and coordination of STS Shuttle Challenge for the foreseeable future. Sturm in particular has kindly asked me to take over the reigns, and I accepted To say that it would be an honour to moderate one of the longest running (if not THE longest running) challenge thread on this forum would be an understatement. Amd I'm also glad to report that V7 is in its final stages of planning and will go live in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile I will go through the backlog and see whether there were any submissions that were missed and, if they're okay, give out the badges. When the V7 is a go, it will be announced here! Have a nice one lads
  10. I moved the thread, no worries And congrats on completed mission! Jool 5 is no easy feat
  11. I haven't tried many planet packs either, but I would strongly recommend Beyond Home planet pack which takes place in far future, where Kerbals moved to another solar system after Kerbol exploded It has a very diverse set of moons and planets, each of them bringing a unique challenge. There's Hydrus, which has thick atmosphere and floating islands (due to in-lore reasons) which might make landings tricky. There's Fury, the innermost planet, which has high gravity and very hot atmosphere with lava oceans. There's Gateway, which looks like a gas giant from distance, but is in actuality a huge ocean world with surprisingly detailed underwater surface. And if you fancy a bit of interplanetary journey, you can even return to Kerbol solar system and circumnavigate the original planets (which obviously look different after what has occured). And that's only planets: moons also are quite interesting and have unique terrains and challenges to them (of the ones I've visited, Hydron is my personal favourite) I will note: the surfaces of some planets/moons had somewhat glitchy interactions with rovers that I've constructed. Not sure whether that's because of the way my rovers were designed or because I dropped them on the surface through debug menu as opposed to actually flying and landing them. But, if you were to try this mod out, I would recommend testing your designs with cheats before you go ahead with the actual mission
  12. Learned this one from Matt Lowne, matter of fact: toggle Friction Control of the nose gear to manual and set it to 0. It will still provide a "leg" for the aircraft to stay on, but since wheel won't have traction it won't veer the nose sideways if you happen to not land perfectly straight, making the touchdowns more controllable
  13. I thought I'd chime in, since I've built a lot of Duna planes (and even an SSTO that flew from Kerbin to Duna and back) The planes really don't need to be built that differently from Kerbin. Obviously you need more wing area to account for thinner atmosphere, but in general my Duna planes didn't look that much different from my Kerbin designs However, what really needs adapting is how you actually fly the plane. Because while the gravity is lower, the plane carries a lot of inertia and as a result every course correction must be done way in advance. Turning circles are way bigger in Duna flight and picking a somewhat flat landing spot is critical because if you suddenly encounter a small hill on your approach, you might not have enough time to pull up and go over it. This takes practice and getting used to, but once you manage it you will not want to visit Duna any other way: planes genuinely are a game changer here Some pics of my Duna planes Kerbin-Duna SSTO STS Challenge Orbiter (Duna SSTO capable)
  14. Moved a comment because it was more fitting in Grand Discussion than Hype Train thread And a kind reminder to keep things civil
  15. Moved stuff from Hype Train thread to Grand Discussion due to it fitting here more And a kindly request to the users to keep things civil
  16. Mine took off at about 95ish m/s. That probably explains it. Seems like Big-S Tailfins don't provide enough lift to take off at lower speed. I'll try experimenting a bit more when I get free time
  17. Are you playing on the latest version? Because when I tried the girder/plate trick for the landing gear, it exploded way before I could even achieve sufficient speed to get airborne. Maybe their strength values have been adjusted after some update? Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong lmao
  18. I've done some low mass and low cost optimized missions, but surprisingly never attempted low part count challenges. Seeing as this one would be relatively quick to do, I hopped in and designed this. Precisely 14 parts in this We take off from KSC runway and head towards the Island Gentle touchdown and full stop to confirm successful landing Let's return to KSC runway The long way around A small boost at the top and we enter a stable Low Kerbin Orbit. Yes, this is officially a SSTO Couple of orbits later, we perform a small deorbit burn and reenter the atmosphere If you the reentry correctly, you can glide all the way towards the runway without even using the engines. I undershot a bit, but seeing as I have plenty of fuel and that I wouldn't be allowed to land empty anyway, I engaged the engine to get to my destination Another gentle touchdown and another successful landing. Panel at the top right corner on last screenshot shows that the plane wasn't empty of mission critical resources So yeah, the first SSTO capable craft here. And I would be delighted by this achievement if it wasn't for the fact that I initially tried to fit the 10 part limit. But at least the way I tried to do it, 10 part SSTO that satisfies this challenge's rules is borderline impossible. In the various designs that I tried out, it either didn't have enough fuel, didn't have enough landing wheels to stay upright, or it would fly so unstable that it needed constant SAS intervention. And SAS uses a lot of EC. And I couldn't put a solar panel or fuel cell to recharge it because I had to sacrifice some other crucial part in order to put that. And RAPIER (and Twin Boar in my alternative concepts) annoyingly doesn't have an alternator... you get the gist. At the end, I had to concede and go for higher part count, but that made my personal goal way too easy. This plane, in fact, flew stable enough that it barely needed any SAS to hold steady, so fuel cell was pretty much useless: with very careful inputs I think you can do it with just cockpit's EC and with 13 parts. But better safe than sorry I guess? If any of you know a possible way to make a 10 part SSTO that fits within this challenge's rules, I would like to hear your suggestions/see your attempts ... perhaps you guys might be interested? @QF9E @camacju
  19. New challenges will arrive. Yes, I said that multiple times, but I actually have some mission concepts worked out and once I feel that there's enough missions to warrant new series, I will add them A while ago. Time flies doesn't it?
  20. Hello lads It's been a while. Let's revive the thread with my Unmanned Rover submission Two stage rocket brings the Rover into Kerbin orbit first and then propelling it towards Duna Approaching Duna Detaching the transfer stage and entering the atmosphere Deploying the parachutes and gently touching down at Duna South Pole with the help of lander engines At this point I realized that simply detaching the Rover didn't work because the Rover got stuck on the plate and couldn't drive out of it. So I reloaded, tilted the landing stage and then detached the rover, allowing it to roll off Going for a small drive to complete the mission Anyone else wanna jump in on the action? I know that the game has some work to be done, but considering this thread was inaugurated pretty much on the launch, plenty of first bugs have been sorted out to make the missions more manageable
  21. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | GPU: AMD RX6600 | RAM: 32 GB Minor grammar error in Kerbin's description in map view. Screenshot should be pretty self explanatory Included Attachments:
  22. After pretty much doing everything I could think of in KSP1 (and lowkey waiting for content updates for KSP2), I decided to change things up and play with Real Solar System... with stock parts It actually turned out to be a bit easier than I imagined. Yes, deltaV requirements are huge compared to stock KSP, but the principles remain the same and, after pretty much eyeballing it a couple of tries, I managed to put a satellite into LEO and send two Kerbals to LEO and bring them back (pictured below), in both cases without building outrageously big rockets However, anything further than LEO will require more thorough planning, but I'm curious on how far I will be able to push it . I am also kinda on the fence on whether I want to continue the "RSS with stock parts" playthrough or go and install RO/RP1, but we'll see how it goes for now
  23. Well, solution sounds easy enough: just place a couple of flags on various points across the Earth and use them as targets for SAS Now, whether you are allowed to put the flags down with the HyperEdit/F12 menu before the mission or you must manually place them is a different question entirely. I'd suggest you clear this up with @18Watt
  24. Very belated review (and I truly apologize for that), but everything looks really neat and cleanly done! I will be adding your submissions in the lists I'm going to need some more screenshots to verify this. Screenshots of the starting rocket, some of the staging sequences maybe, and at least one from the map view showing the flight path Challenges centered around these will be coming!
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