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  1. but its still weird because, before i could make huge planes without crashes so my ksp is till broken, but now i know how to bypass it
  2. !!! So i disabled highlight FX and lowered my anti aliasing settings from 8x to 4x I tested a different plane and NO problems WHAT! I played for 2 hours and nothing When i fly my VTOL aircraft my gpu is still at 80% but its probably because of the 12 juno engines that are lifting it and their surface effects But no crashes at all I deleted that one plane that was crashing my gpu why is it now working ? - lowered settings - windows or steam fixed something - that one plane was "corrupted" ? (it has just 50 pieces and 6 engines, so its not even big) I will send new messages if it crashes again Thanks for people who helped (Kapitalizing Every Word, Proxbi Kerman, Staticalliam7, Scarecrow71, Lisias, ColdJ, AtomicTech
  3. On event ID 14 there are events named "Wininit" what is system event apparently
  4. I have an old Msi nvidia N1996 Gpu but it's so old that i can't use it, so no i haven't Unfortunately i don't have any other PC:s to test gpu on
  5. i don't have G-sync capatible monitor, so thats not a problem. But i can check "maximum performance" in Nvidia Control Panel easily Hopefully i don't have to update bios thanks for helping
  6. yeah My bios version is 3103 17.6.2020 ok thats good idea but i can't try that because i have no other computers and no friends that have pc's, they have laptops
  7. yea if you have to something completely new its sooo hard and time taking
  8. I haven't tested my gpu on other PC:s because i have just this one, don't have other PC:s Yea i could update my bios but i am afraid of doing that, and here in finland there is not much professionals that can do that. No thats too much work, thank you
  9. Yes sir, check time 1. Both ram sticks working perfectly, did windows memory check 2. Bencmarked on ravenfied (which uses unity like kerbal) bencmarked on 300 bots, fps got very low but no overheating or grashing 3. My psu is 750w, its overkill for my pc. no problems under high load 4. Checked drives on crystaldiskinfo, no problems 5. Checked no problems, temperatures normal 6. Checked, i bought a new fan last week, hopefully it arrives fast 7. Agree but no problems everything working, no warning lights and no problems on bios either
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