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  1. Granted. Now you can either scroll to very bottom, or to the very beggining. I wish all countries to unite.
  2. Oh, I mixed them with KAS ones. I thought you connected habitable modulse with those yellow wires.
  3. Uhh forum got bugged. I suppose that you used wrong connectoon things to connect habitable modules. There were few types of them, and I think you used ones that can't put kerbals trough them. Even if that works, you just look at theese thin connections. Very rough diet, too rough to be possible on Kerbin
  4. Banned because Jool jas no surface, so you can't be there.
  5. Wish granted! I did it, but I'm too lazy so I broke all mods. (I didn't want to break it but thread rules primused me) I wish spaghetti carbonara.
  6. Nope. What about you, @NuclearFish? Here I am! (yes I summoned myself and?) I feel that will be you, @iamn00b
  7. Banned because assuming gender is ok
  8. Yes, puffs look very differently from theit original. I like that scheme with trusses, they look like completely another part because of them. Also yes, Nertea is uncomparable. His mods are one of the clasics like mechjeb and restock.
  9. Very kool series, gonna follow them. Also, from winch mod is SSTO's cockpit, hydrolox engines, and cargo drone's engines?
  10. Divine intervention called "Load saved file"
  11. Granted! You don't know the wish but everyone else does. I wish all KSP mods to work on latest version
  12. Banned because too much info for my brain
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