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  1. Downgrading to the last release of Scatterer on Github works perfectly from what I can tell. Thanks!
  2. I was installing my mods on KSP 1.12.2 when I saw that the atmosphere looked weird. Also, upon flying slightly above the atmosphere (around 100km up above Kerbin) there would be weird discoloration on my craft which would suddenly disappear when flying above about 130km. I tried switching out AVP for BoulderCo's stock EVE configs which solved the atmosphere problems, but I would still like to use AVP. I recreated the issue on a fresh install of KSP 1.12.2 with only AVP and its dependencies. Mod List: Astronomer's Visual Pack version 4.11 with the 2k texture pack Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux version Module Manager version 4.2.1 Scatterer version 0.0825b Screenshots: Picture using the listed mods. Kerbin's atmosphere seems to extend far beyond what it normally should using Scatterer. While this looks pretty, I don't think it's intended and it seems to cause other problems. Picture using BoulderCo's stock EVE configs. Notice how the atmosphere is much shallower and sharper Screenshot showing the discoloration effect using the listed mods while in LKO. (yes I used cheats, didn't want to fly another orbiter to recreate the issue) Steps to reproduce: Simply looking at Kerbin from the map view and flying a craft from 70-130km above Kerbin are the steps I took to show these issues using the listed mods.
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