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  1. Was just coming here to help diagnose the "modkey copy reverting to previous geometry" issue, only to see that you're already on top of it. In the goal of completeness, I'll document my observations just in case they help with the issue: Placing a part and then scaling it is fine. Placing a "new" copy of a scaled part is usually fine (i.e. subassembly.) Copying a part that has already been scaled uses the default geometry of the part for attachment. See pic. Region A is the parts at the original scale. Region B parts were copied with the modkey-copy function, then scaled. Region C was scaled, then copied with the modkey-copy function and ran into clipping issues as though they were the original size when attaching. Thanks for your work.
  2. Airbrake Expansion A new parts mod I'm working on making a new mod for KSP and would appreciate some feedback and assistance. The idea is to give the player access to several new airbrake types that perform specific roles. I love the idea of airbrakes but the stock ones... kinda suck. They're too slow to react for a proper control surfaces and they're too fragile for a proper re-entry assist, so I decided to break them up into some new parts that each perform very well in one category rather than acting as heavy drogue chutes. Completed: Fast Twitch Control Airbrakes- Very fast actuator speed, relatively small. Designed to help stop tumbling and maintain control when normal control surfaces are too cumbersome for a specific craft. Work in progress: Robust Airbrakes- Durable and large, these are the "dumb" approach to assisting with moderate re-entry. Wishlist: Smart Airbrakes- Designed to assist with extreme re-entry, they will start to retract if they near their g-force or temperature threshold. Going to require some new module coding. Looking for feedback: If you have any ideas about new niches for airbrakes that I haven't thought of yet, or ways to improve my current airbrakes, let me know. Looking for help: I'm currently struggling with "authorityLimiter" and "deployAngleLimits". Any number I enter for either of those values is being overwritten by "ctrlSurfaceRange" (or 1.5x "ctrlSurfaceRange" in the case of "deployAngleLimits".) I'm probably making some formatting error somewhere, but I can't seem to make those values play nice. Help with diagnosing the problem (or a concrete example of any mod using those values successfully) would be greatly appreciated.
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