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  1. The heat shield, engine, service module etc. isnt showing when I install it. Edit: Don't reply, just had to delete a Tantares folder.
  2. Okay, I'll use the mod from Beale, but one question, is it compatible with RSS/RO? I'm more of a RSS/RO user.
  3. Nice mod! I wonder if this is suitable for RSS/RO.
  4. How do you install this with the RO configs? Do you just download the one saying "Realism Overhaul" or do I also download the one with spacedock?
  5. What mod is this? I found this in the loading screen, I know the orion parts are from rocapsules etc. but what about the sls part?
  6. Sorry to ask, but is there a Realism Overhaul for version 1.12.2?
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