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  1. It’s very frustrating to use because you have to click on every part and enable/disable it. It’d be nice to have a multi select tool like holding alt and shift and clicking on a part adds is to a list and then you can apply properties to that list of parts.
  2. They did claim that that is coming up eventually but like many other plays on the forums said “They’ll likely release information about this near the release to get hype up for sales” - My version of that. Unless I missed something this is coming. So just hold on a little longer. And of course GREAT WORK on the game keep it up and never lose hope Devs!
  3. I think that MP will mainly be a “play with friends” type and large MP servers won’t be a thing but Nate Simpson said in one of the videos that a big announcement on MP will come so we should make the big assumptions when that comes. But I do agree with some of your points.
  4. By “ I’m a goldfish” I mean I have a short memory (like a goldfish) . But now that I think about it I don’t even know if that’s true. But it’s the thought that counts right?
  5. I’d do that but I’ll probably to a science play through with my brother first and he has about 2.4 hours of gametime of the first ksp so that’ll probably not happen be I’m a goldfish.
  6. If we could put multiple kerbals in it and just...wait wait wait let re rail this tread before we lose ourselves!
  7. Sounds like work for the modders! Do you mean heat shield paint? So say your land legs burn up on reentry but nothing else we could add heat resistance paint to add maybe 15%, 10% whatever the devs find balanced. Could of course be a mod though.
  8. I for one haven’t been playing KSP for very long I’ve been playing it from 1.10 To 1.12 I have about 100 hours and have never downloaded any mods but, this sounds like it will be very time saving for the inevitable time I download mods. Keep it up devs and good luck!
  9. I recall the devs saying that you can see the kerbals all the time (the cockpit windows are clear) are we gonna get that for the colony’s windows? Keep the game a little more consistent as well I give the kerbals some more glory. I’d love to see that but you have a lot on your plates already so do take this into consideration and keep up the good work the game looks awesome and can’t wait to crash... i mean build colony’s and strand...I mean send kerbals around the (universe?)!
  10. I nearly burst out laughing! Glad to see this community has humor!
  11. Seeing the kerbals walking around the base make me think are we getting Kerbal AI or is that just for show? I think kerbals running around our colony’s roads and buildings would make it feel very alive. Later update maybe? But anyway great job Devs keep it up! I’m looking forward for the game release. New idea is world sharing for people to share their colonys and creative things like race tracks built into the plant’s or moon’s surface features like cave or valleys. Maybe in a later update? Anyhow good job devs and keep up the good work!
  12. Probably gonna have to build an orbital station to build and deploy ships from just to get down and maybe up however the challenge is gonna be awesome to overcome and see the community find creative ways to get down there. Keep up the god work Devs!
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