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  1. I’m back, it’s been months and turns out I’m trans but I am finally back after a very long time.

  2. I can confirm that this was very useful.(I lied)
  3. I don’t recall anyone saying there where centrifuge modules... Oh wait, in the trailer. I expect there to be part size varieties, it’s not Kerbal Space Program without a lot of sizes.
  4. Ok, maybe not very difficult, but still seems unnecessarily.
  5. Sounds very difficult to code, as well as unnecessary for a game mostly about space.
  6. I’ve never heard of Pax before, but I hope Kerbal Space Program 2 it is featured. Edit: I meant I hope we get a release date in general.
  7. Looks wonky:Preform a slingshot maneuver That’s really all I came up with.
  8. Definitely. This might get very annoying. Maybe a paint type? Or disable in settings?
  9. It could disappear on plants like Duna (I’m pretty sure Duna has winds) but not on the Mun and other non-atmospheric bodys. On non-atmospheric bodys they’ll render if you looking at them or if you very far away and render back in when you close and looking at them. The same for atmospheric body’s but they’ll disappear over time. Possibly fade slowly?
  10. I don’t know if I got this wrong but maybe you can’t chat(assuming that there is chat.)or maybe you can’t see the other player’s location but only the last seen location. If there is build in discord-like system the that system will be disabled in till they regain contact. Of course this could get very annoying and could be disabled in settings (assuming there is server settings). This will also be doable by mods but sounds very difficult for modders as well as time and dedication to get that working in a mod. Well I’m out, Big thanks to the Devs for listening to the community. Keep doing great work for the game’s franchise and make sure this is worthy for my 60 buckaroos! Maybe, but I’d find that quite annoying. EVA science! taking off helmets and neck rings personal parachute deployment Also in the trailer there is a centrifugal ring. Could we see kerbals moving around in there? As well as kerbals walking around colonys. This is probably something that need it’s own tread.
  11. So I’m not a tech guy but sounds like the answer I was looking for, thanks.
  12. I still cannot get over how good it looks and how little lag there is! But one thing I’m curious about is if we’re getting support for mac. Me and my younger brother really want to play multiplayer together but I have a Windows and he has a Mac, if anyone has seen that there will be support for Mac and Cross-play with Mac I’d love to know. Also i haven’t looked at the steam page so idk of that’s been updated or what.
  13. I’m hopeful that we will i know one of the main reasons I gonna get KSP2 is multiplayer(alongside colonys and insteller travel) and a lot of other people likely feel the same way. But if for some reason you can’t develop cross-play between PC and Xbox the at least give us Mac and Windows (and maybe Linux) Crossplay. I‘m quite sure that this post is 100% option based so don’t take it too hard. And awesome job Devs keep it up! I hope to have a game worthy of 3 lawn moving jobs!
  14. Glad to be “The Most spammest new account” (Because i have to most posts of the new accounts)(And yes, This yet another post. I want to keep my spot ok.)
  15. I believe you mean Falling 100 part bases coming soon to your(soon to be) grave near you!
  16. I do realllllly hope that we do. But maybe if we forget about the game then we won’t have to suffer as much. Maybe the mods are trying to make us forget. Alright I haven’t looked at it yet but I think we got a Developer Insight on the Dev Diaries Thread. (Pardon my grammar.)
  17. It’s very frustrating to use because you have to click on every part and enable/disable it. It’d be nice to have a multi select tool like holding alt and shift and clicking on a part adds is to a list and then you can apply properties to that list of parts.
  18. They did claim that that is coming up eventually but like many other plays on the forums said “They’ll likely release information about this near the release to get hype up for sales” - My version of that. Unless I missed something this is coming. So just hold on a little longer. And of course GREAT WORK on the game keep it up and never lose hope Devs!
  19. I think that MP will mainly be a “play with friends” type and large MP servers won’t be a thing but Nate Simpson said in one of the videos that a big announcement on MP will come so we should make the big assumptions when that comes. But I do agree with some of your points.
  20. By “ I’m a goldfish” I mean I have a short memory (like a goldfish) . But now that I think about it I don’t even know if that’s true. But it’s the thought that counts right?
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