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  1. The amazing Grapics and just enjoying the game again.
  2. Anyone ever notice the ksp2 weird graphics. Like from orbit a planet looks amazing, but when they land on it, it just looks kinda boring. Idk maybe its just me.
  3. Possible, but you will have to be a pretty low settings. (just a guess, im no expert on pc's) Hopefully they will fix this in the future and make it easier on the graphics cards.
  4. I heard somewhere that the major updates on the KSP 2 roadmap will be paid DLCs. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of this.
  5. Currently I have 310 hours at ksp and I do not plan on stopping. I'm curious what some other people have.
  6. Yeah. It was alot but wouldn't it be cool to have some of those things. maybe in ksp3 tho
  7. I would like to see the mun be a little more realistic. In ksp 1, the you can see the whole mun at all times. It seems like you can just reach out and grab it. I would like to see the shadow across the mun based on what day it is. I want it to at least look like it is far away. A question I have is how multiplayer would work. If two separate ships was piloted by two different people, docked. Who would have control. I would like it so the server owner would have full control but I am still excited to see what they do with this. I think planet shine is also going to be in the game so I will not cover that. I would like it if in sandbox mode, you could spawn in weldable parts during the mission. Nothing feels more annoying than landing on duna to only realize you forgot a parachute and have to restart fully. Also please correct me if any of these features are already planned for ksp2 or in ksp 1 already I would like to see the kerbals names change, I don't want to name my kerbal- chuck Norris Kerman. It would look cleaner as just chuck norris It would also be cool if they already have a bunch of graphics mods on the game and you can turn them on and off as you want. I would like to see a version of ksp on mobile or switch More underwater features More underwater parts A black hole that brings to a separate solar system that have planets that are being developed by the devs. This way the devs could just through in a planet and see what we think about it. Then if the ksp community ended up liking it, then it could go through the black whole in an live event and join the solar system. I don't think that is how black holes work but it would still be cool. I still don't know how this live event will work. Maybe have the player land on that planet and watch from there. I think that live events will be a good addition. If they do this, they should also make it so you can go back and re-watch it for up to a week or something. This would be cool if they could do it with friends I assume that most of the bugs would be fixed like time warping into a planet and crashing into it or just zooming through it and changing you orbit. Maybe this has only happened to me. It should auto stop every time. Maybe have a custom flag changer inside the game so I don't have to go into the game files. I still do not know how to do that. Please correct me on anything. I know you guys will not be mean because the ksp community is the funniest and nicest community. Ill try and add to this every time I think of something that I would like to see added.
  8. When would you guys guess the relese date would be. I literally can't wait and I need an awnser.
  9. Update. Ive took alot of thought to what you guys said and Ive decided to do a duna mission. So far Ive had 3 people on duna. It has brought me back to the game. Thanks guys.
  10. could i send a link for a pc and u guys tell me what u think.
  11. Im getting a PC soon but im just not sure what will work Amazing with ksp. I would like to download mods and stuff but im not sure exacly what to get. if you could tell, i dont know alot about PC's
  12. The problem is, that im good enough to get to mun and minmus easly but not good/confidance enough to go anywhere else. If im being honestly, I got offended when someone said I might not be interested in this game. I LOVE this game but I just in a weird spot right now.
  13. I love this game. The problem is I have gone there so many times Im just not sure what to do
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