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  1. When would you guys guess the relese date would be. I literally can't wait and I need an awnser.
  2. Update. Ive took alot of thought to what you guys said and Ive decided to do a duna mission. So far Ive had 3 people on duna. It has brought me back to the game. Thanks guys.
  3. Im getting a PC soon but im just not sure what will work Amazing with ksp. I would like to download mods and stuff but im not sure exacly what to get. if you could tell, i dont know alot about PC's
  4. The problem is, that im good enough to get to mun and minmus easly but not good/confidance enough to go anywhere else. If im being honestly, I got offended when someone said I might not be interested in this game. I LOVE this game but I just in a weird spot right now.
  5. I love this game. The problem is I have gone there so many times Im just not sure what to do
  6. What is there to do after Ive beat the Mun? What do I do on the Mun to make it fun?
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