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  1. This has been brought up before, but: Managing surface colonies will he hard. If any significant fraction of all players are in the same game, equatorial land on every world will be snapped up very fast, so most people will have to make do with high-latitude land. That assuming the game perfectly prevents colonies being built in the same place in different time-warps. Plus players would probably have to wait for launchpad access on Kerbin. If KSP2 does go with big server groups, I think they should be kept at a few hundred members at most. It's still a lot, but these problems should be more manageable in a smaller server, while still having enough players to keep things interesting.
  2. Imagine the range of an asparagus-staged Daedalus ship...
  3. Kerbals are already immortal (at least they don't die of old age) and I don't think they'll add a kerbal aging mechanic. Plus:
  4. If it's a tailwheel arrangement, yes. But with a tricycle setup (like on airliners), leveling the wheels works best in my experience.
  5. I don't think they'd line it up with that. It was sort of sad, the last time people would walk on the moon for 50+ years, and I think most people (including myself, before I saw that message) don't even know when Apollo 17 was.
  6. Maybe thin lines that come out of CoM/CoT/CoL indicators in all 6 directions, to help line things up.
  7. I love the idea of an MMO, but it would require the game producers to set up a server powerful enough to run 20,000 KSP2's at once.
  8. Given the level of detail we've seen in the KSP2 graphics- especially planets- I'd expect they'd cost rather more than 3$. Maybe closer to 6 to 10 per system.
  9. I agree, if this feature is included, it would be best if it struck the balance of "you can play fine without it, but it can do some cool stuff".
  10. Walkers might be more of a sandbox thing though, because no matter what they will be less efficient than wheeled vehicles, and probably slower.
  11. According to most sources, the Kerbol system will probably not include any new bodies, just texture revamps for the ones that exist. Of course there will be lots more planets around other stars.
  12. On the topic of centers of mass, thrust, and lift- right now they appear only as spheres, but it might be really helpful to have thin lines emerging from all 6 axes. This would be really useful for lining up CoM with CoT for unbalanced payloads.
  13. They're not going to change Laythe, after it's been the same for so long. Whether or not tidal heating would be enough, there will still be liquid water and air.
  14. I think this sort of thing could be accomplished by having very small, maybe 1k power or so, commnet relay antennae.
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