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  1. I'm not an oceanographer, so all of this just represents my brief (non-Wikipedia, but still) internet research. Apparently, the salinity of the ocean at the surface varies between 33 and 37 grams per kilogram of salt. Two factors that influence that are a) precipitation and evaporation, and b) proximity to freshwater sources like rivers. High-salinity water, being slightly heavier, sinks, so lower layers of water are usually slightly denser than those above them. If I had to made something up that would increase this difference, I'd say that if you had a watery world with a lot of salt, humidity and precipitation, the surface water would be continually freshened while the large amounts of salt would concentrate deeper down. EDIT: I just realized that, obviously, there have to be large amounts of evaporation somewhere to keep up a lot of precipitation. So on a world like this, there would be places where lots of evaporating surface seawater would decrease the salinity differential.
  2. The density of Earth's oceans do change slightly with depth, because of small differences in salinity. This difference is only on the order of centigrams/cm^3, so it doesn't effect buoyancy much, but alien oceans could potentially have much steeper changes.
  3. I agree. I've flown many missions where I forget to run science at some point, and this would be a great way to solve that issue.
  4. I stand corrected, this could very well be in KSP2. But could a nuke do anything that a "terminate" can't?
  5. I don't know what this "crew recovery" thing is, but I doubt it will be in stock KSP2.
  6. I don't understand how having a single nuke part would help with this. You need multiple nukes to get a good delta-v, and a whole bunch of stuff to eject the bomb at the right time, detonate at the right time, etc. I'm not very enthusiastic about that, but yeah, you could definitely blow some big stuff up. This is probably would be why it would be an easter egg, because the part has no real use within the game.
  7. It would be fun, but the physics would be problematic; with a launcher 100 meters in radius, just getting to Minmus orbital velocity (150 m/s) would mean that before release, whatever you're firing would be under 225 m/s^2 of centripetal force, or about 23 g's, which is certainly more than a human can handle for a reasonable time, and probably beyond the ability of many (human-made) rocket parts as well. Launching from the Mun with the same 100-meter spin launcher would exert 308 g's, and something like that on Kerbin would exert over five thousand g's. Right now KSP is okay with absurdly high g-forces on many parts, but that's a big hit to realism which I hope will be addressed in the second game. This force could be reduced by increasing the radius of the launcher, but 100 meters is already pretty big for something that has to spin so fast. While these would be workable on tiny worlds like Gilly, producing a mere 2.9 g's with 100m radius, given how easy it is to orbit tiny worlds like that by conventional means, I don't think that spin-launchers would be worth the effort of including.
  8. My personal hope is that the KSC will be expandable, with choices about where to position stuff and new stuff costing resources, to act as a sort of colony practice.
  9. I think maybe you're getting SSTOs mixed up with spaceplanes? They are different things. Spaceplanes would indeed be useful on worlds like those, but SSTO rockets wouldn't be particularly effective.
  10. I don't dispute this at all. My only point is that you wouldn't learn an especially large amount about cooling tech in the outer solar system.
  11. Ah, I hadn't noticed the trees. Also I stupidly posted before I knew where that image came from.
  12. Are we sure that's the KSC? The terrain looks pretty non-Kerbin-like. It could be a colony.
  13. You're right, that statement was an exaggeration. It is true that you have much less need for cooling out there, though.
  14. That's a cool idea, and might help get more people interested in the game.
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