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  1. This is great, but is it compatible with OPM? Or space dust?
  2. Great update, but if i want to create a self-sustaining colony, there is no way that i can keep health of my kerbals up. It would be nice if we had some sort of part that can regain kerbals health, or some other way to keep the health up a bit.
  3. I dunno. Maybe it was bundled with something... Or maybe it is the same with changed name. I am not a modder, i just installed the latest version i was able to find. I just have 4.2.3 module manager dll on my gamedata. I will check it again tomorrow, to let you know.
  4. I have both MM 4.2.1 and 4.2.3, which one should i delete? I will send a screenshot later.
  5. Hello, can you please do something about broken iva in both lab nad crew cabin in K format? The iva is treated as a cocpit.
  6. The companion thing not working for me. I have modulemanager fatal error when i launch the game. Without it the game launches, but i think that the mod does not work properly. How is it supposed to work? How do the production chains work and what parts they use? Because i've got only a few new parts. Do i need an additional mod or something? And why the rational resources companion doesn't work? This is a bit confusing for me. Can you explain it to me please? Or maybe my KSP is bugged. Just tell me how i can get this cool mod to work. Thank you for your time.
  7. Ok, i am just thinking about installing KH. And i probably will not use it soon.
  8. Thank you! I will give it a try! Small question. Do you play with kerbal health or not?
  9. Hey, is there some mod that adds some water production, drilling or something? Because you cannot build self sufficient station or base without it (i am using Nertea mods and KPBS), because the whole support system runs on water and you need to send it from kerbin. Maybe add some kind of ocean or atmospheric harvester or water drill or production factory to make crafts be albe to fully sustain themselves. It would be really nice! Thank you, have a nice day. I considered playing with kerbal health, but i actually do not because it is too limiting for me, i really like compact spacecraft. Maybe i will install and modify it a bit. What do you think?
  10. For KRE, KAC, KIS and KAS i think that the devs will make their own systems. And i think that if life support is added, it will be completely new, stock thing. Or maybe some kind of a few life support opitions like simple (like USI) medium (like TACLS) and hard (like kerbalism). I am a big fan of a long-term deep space exploration, so i will love to see this new colony management. But Ksp 2 will be completly new, not just a ksp wih mods. Very nice idea, i always wanted that!
  11. I have seen in the trailers or dev reveals many parts simillarto those from interstellar extended or far future tech. i honestly prefer the latter. I also prefer TACLS than USI and i am currently using all Nertea mods, i hope that most of them will be featured in stock KSP 2, because they are really well-made and popular. I hope that the devs will bring OPTIONAL life support, health, random event and weather system. For the mods, optionally some of the kerbalism features would be nice. And i would be happy see some kind of through the eyes and RPM. And i think that aircraft is very underrated, the devs could probably make aircraft missions and parts like airplane plus or GAP. Of course, that is a long wishlist and probably most of them will not be in KSP 2, but it is good to have hope, right?
  12. I know, my bad, sorry for that. I just corrected my post. Forget about what i said ok?
  13. Are the survey stakes and the mallet working with the new stock inventory system?
  14. I said that i really like the mod and that i respect a lot od work that was put into it by the author. My word choice... English is not my first language, and my english is not completely fluent and i sometimes can't find better words. I do not want to attack or offend anyone, especially the author od this wodnerful mod. For the parts... As i said yesterday, i just discovered keridian dynamics, and it pretty much covers all of my needs. Have a nice day.
  15. I know, you are right. I'm just proposing things. I know how hard it is to make mods. I'm not demanding anything. The mod is great by itself, i am not complaining about it, i am just asking if the creator is able to make some improvements. And i also just found the texture pack that i was looking for. Good jow with the mod itself, taniwha. Goodnight, everyone.
  16. Can you perhaps make 3.75 like 15 or 12 kerbal freezer module? I'm using station parts expansion redux and near future spacecraft and that is certainly what i need to have on my vessel.
  17. Hello, i REALLY nedded some colony improvements and i stubled upon this famous mod. Mechanics are super cool, but my god, the textures are out od date. Can you please make the mod looking just a little bit better? Edit: i just found keridian dynamics and it covers all of my needs.
  18. Hey, can you integrate it with latest version of station parts expansion redux? Because now there are lots of cool station parts, maybe give them recuperation or some special things? It would be really nice. And i also would like to see kerbal atomics integrated. This mod has awesome nuclear engines and maybe make tham emit radiation? Same thing with far future technologies. Thanks for creating this wodnerful mod, it must have been a lot of work!
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