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  1. Dear KSP devs. If we could improve the graphics without mods that will be so realestic also the UI I want improve in the KSP . Also improve the manuver nodes. Like you can do a super little miniaturized change on manuver nodes.like you could do 300change on appepsis/prehapsis without getting stresed .You could do a great orbiting.Also make it more realestic where the launch pad the asternouts I dont know the correct spell sorry for my bad english .Well i go back to point.Make it like a animation plays that the chosen kerbals in the crew Choser in the VAB.That will be so cool!.Also do this to space hanger like the kerbals transferred to runway and they getting on the SSTO or a supersonic jet etc.... With a good animation that also be cool!I will apperishied it if you guys do my suggestion. Signed by iliya
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