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  1. We know about the Daedalus style engine. And from inference we can assume that there will be other interstellar engines in the game than just that one. I wonder if the other interstellar engines will just be slight variations, or differently sized versions of the Daedalus. But I also wonder if there will be entirely different types of interstellar engines, that are completely different, and that use a totally different fuel/ method for moving between stars.
  2. I have edited this post many times. I am struggling. I can only insert an image as a url for some reason, and it won’t accept Imgur urls.
  3. hes on the west coast, why is Nate Simpson reading forums at 2AM? Get some sleep man, its good for you. @Nate Simpson
  4. When you are traveling through the deepest parts of space, lightyears from any stars, is there any real source of light? Besides maybe the light from an engines exhaust, will we really even be able to see our ship as it travels through the black void? Does light ever dissipate through space? or can stars still light you up even when you are incomprehensible distances away from them?
  5. Not a big deal, but it says pain instead of paint here.
  6. I love this art so much. Especially the brontosaurus-type one. Its so awesome looking, and I love the massive scale of it. If you landed on a planet is KSP and saw that walking around, it would be so magical.
  7. No one knows. You'll see when the game comes out.
  8. Oh. I thought that he commented that after the dev diary. Sad
  9. I'm really hoping for some news this Friday, given the recent silence. Nate Simpson commented on a forum post regarding this, and said that the silence is due to "their cup running over" and is not a sign of anything bad happening. He also mentioned there will be something "neat" to show us soon. What do you guys think? Any ideas? Speculation is fun.
  10. I'm pretty sure the devs have stated it will be even more modable than the first game
  11. I wonder if Duna will have clouds? Normally I would think no, because there’s no water, but gasses other than water vapor can clump together into clouds, right? Do you think there will be other effects implemented besides clouds such as wind or dust storms? Maybe even thunderstorms on certain planets? It would be interesting to have weather that can damage/effect colonies.
  12. I’m having trouble understanding what the purpose of the new propulsion methods are in KSP 2. From what I can gather, Orion nuclear pulse engines allow you to get to places like Jool in just a few dozen blasts or so, but why is that so much better than just burning methalox for a bit to get there? What is the purpose of metallic hydrogen? Can it burn for a long time? Does it make you accelerate very quickly? If anyone could explain to me since I’m dumb it would be much appreciated.
  13. I wonder if they will add cinematic camera tools into the stock game. I can think of a few other games that have this, so it wouldn't be revolutionary or anything, but never the less cool. Considering how beautiful the graphics are seeming to be, it would be awesome if you could then pair that with awesome camera angles, and make your own little movies if you want. A lot of older game clips from 2019 are labeled as "pre alpha game play", and those clips also feature a lot of spinning, panning, zooming camera angles. This is probably just a dev tool or something, but it may also be a feature.
  14. Does anyone have theories or ideas as to what makes Jool green? what kind of elements or compounds would cause this color?
  15. A lot of people have heard of ksp, but not a lot actually are fans. It’s a relatively small community compared to many other games. I think many people tried the first game but quit early because it was too hard or complicated, thinking “it’s just not for me”. I know the developers are aware of this, hence the fun tutorials, and a lot of what they talked about in the episode 3 features video. But, I hope there will maybe be some better advertising or something later on to actually draw these people in. Someone who tried ksp years ago and got confused and quit probably isn’t going to hear about the sequel, and jump on excitedly because someone told them there are tutorials. I just hope it all gets the recognition it deserves!
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