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  1. i launched a science satellite with 4 magnetometer boom and then exploded i ment tested prototype ktarship aka starship replicas not all went so ggood ehh.. kind of disturbing... not gonna lie..
  2. use srbs and srbs only for power and send 3 kerbal to the surface of eve and back if this is unclear just comment
  3. yesterday i launched the japanese ousumi with the japanese launch vehicle mod then i was testing deep freeze mod but rather then freezing kerbals it sometimes freezed my pc..
  4. this is one of my favrioute mods thanks to the creator for making it
  5. hi i am making things for the agency including a flag stay tuned
  6. its not really today but yesterday i launched a satellite into orbit then got bored and deorbited it
  7. the united space develovment also known as USD is a small goverment led space agencie first starting from 1946 in this topic i share mission reports and other things through ksp gameplay. since i am a new player please expect some confuseing things.
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