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  1. Jeb timewarped out. Jeb fell into the backrooms
  2. Heavy Extraplanetary Launcher Programme (HELP)
  3. Keus Kerman was celebrating his victory when he noticed that one of the kerbal sstos was on trajectory towards him. He shot lightning at the ssto. But the pilot was kirrim kerman and kirrim is very smart. Kirrim used the lightning to charge his giant laser, which he shot at Keus. Keus dodged the laser but the laser continue to fire into the ground. Onto the North Kerbin Atomic Stockpile. Keus evaporated instantly. After the nuclear winter, some kerbals from the Kerbol System Colonies flew back to kerbin to repopulate it. They then discovered a strange radio signal from the site of the old tracking station. It was a strange vault. As they tried to open the door, an alarm sounded and the kerbals backed off. The vault slowly opened, revealing a aged old kerb at the doorway. It was Kirrim from all those years ago. He was hailed as a hero. Yipi Kerman - night of fire
  4. Me doing all of the above:
  5. Yep. @Melontime do you have any melons to spare
  6. I have a coffee bun. @Rutabaga22 hope you brought drinks
  7. More fuel, more rapiers. Make sure to use shock cones!
  8. Err, what type specifically? I am better at making gas planets than rocky planets.
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