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  1. Introducing OneOscar SGXL6W, or as I like to call it, The "Oscarliner"! KerbalX:https://kerbalx.com/Watermel00n/OneOscar-SGXL6W
  2. Is the commercial space shuttle design challenge still open? I have a design that I think would fit well here.
  3. 2. Mun time Notes from me: Hopper 4 [Year 1 Day 107] Hopper 5 [Year 1 Day 109]
  4. In fact I already have an interplanetary mission and a colony almost self-sufficient, but that will be later...
  5. 1. Going up and staying there Notes from me: Hopper 1 [Year 1 Day 16]: Hopper 2 [Year 1 Day 52] Funny Car [Year 1 Day 78] Hopper 3 [Year 1 Day 83]
  6. hi everyone i'm finally back after a near-fatal addiction to gregtech. So recently I've been working on a new save involving MKS and KSPIE. I will make a mission report-like updates here and when I finally stop procrastinating I will post these to my youtube channel. Without further ado... Because We Kan! Modlist: Chapters: 1. Going up and staying there 2. Mun time 2b. Minmus Probed Will Update!
  7. Version 0.62 of WPT for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.5 Released on 2023-05-14 Stayputnik no longer has fuel cell Capsules with fuel cells/converters no longer have fuel cells
  8. Sure! I'll try to upload a update tommorow
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