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  1. Well... i guess its just a joke Well... i guess its just a joke
  2. I clean the hill with a vacuum cleaner Self-legalized Cheap but Cheerful Non-Radioactive Chernobyl Hill
  3. How did you recover the first stage when the second stage was reaching orbit
  4. Granted, but that person immediately dislikes it I wish the that stock planets would be x2.5 scale
  5. hmm, i see ur point... lets see what the devs think abt it The opposite would work, putting the new player on a duna-like planet with roughly stock 3400 m/s to orbit, even in x2.5 scale
  6. Me and @JNSQFan have a suggestion : is it possible to have an option to increase the radius of the planets to x2.5 scale? New players can turn the option off. It would make my day
  7. Tried the new J-40 engine i'm working on (rescaled juno)
  8. Granted, you start it but immidiately cancel it I wish to do an elcano
  9. Whoops made a mistake there! Thanks for showing me!
  10. @JNSQFan gave me perms to use the pod he didn't post. Will be here soon!
  11. No, at least one stage srb. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes
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