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  1. Ryuk met an immortal entity. He tried to become immortal too, but while becoming immortal, he choked on his apple.(idk how that works) Re Kerman - necroposting
  2. Oh! I forgot! Thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x-x1KzCHLL7eyFF7BHP0AFZDL7sdKWl0/view?usp=sharing Download and change the config to this file's directory.
  3. Although I don't have "Enhanced" Edition, but I give congrats to you guys for getting this far!
  4. Currently, this only supports restock plus. I'm working on adding more compatibility soon.
  5. NEW UPDATE Added tweaks from WPT Flags in different folder
  6. It's a very simple fix. It looks like a normal map problem. I will post the fixed one here soon.
  7. I see. So next update, small batteries will be added. Tip: open parachutes closer to the ground.
  8. You can choose! The point of this mod is to give players more freedom in early game. Could you please elaborate on the parachute issue?
  9. Alright status update: Nowadays I don't have much time 'specially with the WTT release, a minecraft smp with friends, and family catching covid. So expect less posts. Next post soon!
  10. LTJ-11"Why pay for more?" DOWNLOAD Description: Want to get somewhere quick with a friend - but don't have a jet? Don't worry! You can use the LTJ-11 to get where you need! Now comes with spare parachute because it's incredibly unstabl- whooops.
  11. My life rn: *comes back home Me: Time for some sweet sweet KSP! *misclicks on minecraft *plays 2 hours Me: i have to go bed now
  12. So elon kerman in vented a new rocket, the falcon heavy heavy heavy heavy. It's a falcon 9 but 9000 times as large. As he was landing the booster after sending a city to the mun, the booster cut out, flattening Elon. Everyone else was too sceptical to even approach it. Per Kerman - Bar graph
  13. Thanks guys, i think i have it sorted now!
  14. Hehe, i don' have much time nowadays. New craft soon.
  15. Welp, I'm going to make some changes. To spice things up a bit, monopropellant is now the main fuel for your early-games. Here's a pic!
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