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  1. Honestly, KSP2 is so buggy and laggy that it pains me to even try to attempt a grand tour. I'll try a Jool 5 instead. Here's the fuel and engines in orbit.
  2. Hey guys. It's me, the guy who took 3 months for a grand tour! I am going to attempt to do a Jool 5 of the KSP2 system. Many lander designs and mission profile will be copied from my previous grand tour. However there are a few unique problems that I will have to solve in order to begin this challenge. - No ISRU. I can send tanker vessels to refuel the mothership if I need to. - Lag. Reduce part count, avoid looking at kerbin - Bugs. Quicksaves! I will keep this report updated with some pictures later. The actual mission will be published in video format.
  3. 3. From Hope to Hop After a short drive, I wanted to build some parts and turned on timewarp, but this had the side effect of causing my vessel to jump into the air, destroying 1 ISRU module, 1 solar array, and damaging another. Not to mention that all the radiators and wheels have been broken. I decided to leave the Kree behind and move to another location using... THE HOPPER! A massive craft towering above the Kree, it has been constructed on the RTG tower to avoid it from clipping into the solar arrays. After almost 100 days spent building and fueling the Hopper, the crew enter the MK3 Cabin at the top of the Hopper. The 25 Vector engines light up and the Hopper slowly rises into the air, leaving the mangled mess of the Kree behind. Looks like we brought a souvenir! Staging the boosters behind. From now on the trip will be much harder. After almost 30 tries, the Hopper finally sets down at 16 degrees latitude in a cloud of smoke. The crew will use the rocket parts in the tanks to construct an ISRU unit and build a new rover.
  4. 2. The Seven "Seas" As you have seen by my last post, the Kree is now over 250 miles off course. However, we must press on! Look how bashed up the wheels are. So I detached the front and back electric wheels. And now... Brand new wheels! yay. However, there are two problems with these wheels. The wheels are connected to a structural tube. If the tube breaks (it does it all the time) all the grip pads just fall onto the ground. Secondly, the new rotors eat up so much power, that I got worried that at night, the Kree might run out of power. So as you can see in the image posted below, I have built a RTG tower for extra power. Also, I have now connected the pads directly to the rotors. Flag for flag reasons This strange ridge gave me a lot of problems crossing it. But I was able to get over this obstacle and continue on quite easily.
  5. Granted. But now the U.S. has mysteriously disappeared. I wish for a sandwich made of uranium!
  6. 1. Out of the Ditch So you might be thinking: "are you going to use the same vehicle" No. The answer is no. The first vehicle was trash. So, I designed a new vehicle. BEHOLD, THE KREE! Clocking in at just over 105 tons, this is possibly the biggest vehicle I've ever made. It has a blistering top speed of 25 m/s, and a rather large solar array for power. Notable mention, RTGs are included for emergency purposes. The entire vessel was basically designed to be a land raft, with replaceable sections and modular construction. This will allow me to basically build-as-I go, so I can add or destroy any modules I want. But how to launch? Mesbin Space Center is basically in a ditch, with tall hills surrounding it. Hills and the Kree do not mix. Well, I took inspiration from myself and built yet another launchable base. Landed. It only took 3 tries! Note how the base has no drills - it has all the parts it needs! Deploying the Kree. Flag planted. And off we go! I have MechJeb's Rover Autopilot, so I can get my sleepytimes on the long drives! Good night!
  7. Gaster Kerman was a top food critic. One day, he decided to visit the Kerbstown Nuclear Reactor to try their food. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by a gang of chefs who had gotten bad reviews and was thrown into the spent fuel pool, killing him Jimbo Kerman - Melon Husk
  8. I can't wait to try this! Also, do I need to bring Breaking Ground Science?
  9. 7.Basically what happened to the first attempt So i built the small electric car. I planned to use it like a tow truck to tow the rocket cars to the next ore deposit. This car also contained some solar panels for extra power. Here is a picture of the electric car docking to the rocket car (how many times do i have to use the word car?) Eventually I decided it would be smarter to just leave the rest of the rocket cars behind to increase the speed. Notice how the front parts of the electric car bends?(the batteries) This was a major problem because the bending would sometime cause the rover to kraken or hit the ground, especially at 3x warp or greater, resulting in a 'splosion. Also, the front wheels of the rocket car were destroyed in a glitch, further reducing the amount of structural stability. Then it blew up and I quit. So what did I learn? 1. Rocket cars are a bad idea. If there's no ores, you can't move. 2. Remember to use autostrut. 3. Don't use too many visual mods like EVE and Scatterer. My game was lagging really bad. 4. Use Breaking Ground wheels. They are the best!
  10. Your images did not load for me, but nice report anyways! Consider using imgur to host your photos.
  11. I've just finished my first grand tour! Thread is down here plugging in this thread is legal, right?
  12. THE END! Credits: @Ultimate Steve - Mothership inspiration. Check out his own grand tour. @Echo__3 - Eve lander inspiration. Check out his video. Eve Made Easy - YouTube
  13. Pol. Intresting terrain, easy to get to, and low gravity makes it my favourite.
  14. Sorry guys, my life got busier and my grand tour is taking longer than expected. I don't think i can finish this mission this year. Expect updates twice a week.
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