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  1. Hello. I want to make a new resource but I don't know what all these numbers mean. What is hsp, volume and color? Thanks for helping!
  2. I already did Bell Kerman. Anyway, Bean Kerman was exploring duna when he lost his keys. When he tried to open the door, the door locked on him, decapitating him. Frog Kerman - Pigs
  3. Bell kerman was heating up midnight snacks in the microwave when the timer went off, leveling his apartment block. The only causality was Bell. Frog Kerman - Pigs
  4. Hubble Kerman was a janitor at Mission Control. One night, he was stargazing on the roof of Mission Control when a spider crawled on his telescope lens. He was so shocked that he fell off the roof and was promptly crushed by a unmanned stratolauncher while landing. Poor Kerman - Being rich
  5. Icarus Kerman was on Moho when he ran out of Kerbol-Baked Kerfish, his favourite snack! This snack was cooked in a special factory where a giant magnifying glass cooked each fish to perfection. Icarus tried it in his pod, causing the pod to overheat, cooking Icarus. Fiiiiii Kerman - Building underground secret bases in his backyard.
  6. Sally Kerman went to a cavernous planet orbiting a pulsar. When she was exploring its caves, she bumped her head and lost her memory. Thinking she was on kerbin, she explored the cave for a way out. But when she found the exit, she took off her helmet to take a deep breath, but was instantly vaporized due to radiation. Ioioio Kerman - Steam power
  7. I think i should move the J20R, PulseJet and LOS:fuel cells to the new WPT mod. Coming soon!
  8. Granted, but you aren't alive to see it. I wish for a new GPU.
  9. Maria Kerman was flying a test airliner when she tried to lower the gear. However she hit the thurst reversers instead, causing the plane to stall and crash, killing her. Aeiou Kerman - Kerbal Konstructs. (It's a mod, search it up.)
  10. Nice video! Though i recommend the BACC SRB for early game first stages
  11. Melons??? I'm late! @Melontime you still here?
  12. Granted. You had, but you didn't hear the air raid sirens. I wish for my wish to be corrupted.
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