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  1. Support Hong Kong Democracy and Prevent A Second Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong please sign this petition. -snip-
  2. i know this is off topic, and mods may ban me. but please, this is my humble request, witness this with me. this is a live stream at the gov. headquarters in hongkong we are hongkongers fighting for our freedom and democracy. we are living in misery under the communist occupation. we know the world doesnt actually give a ****. but please, witness this with us. see how this evil chinese regime is torturing us.
  3. As far as my exp goes, The flaps don't quite work as they do as in FSX or XPlane10 and since in most of the cases, the spaceplane won't be having insufficient runway to stop after touching down (OP brakes), I don't care about the landing speed, Hence I don't use the flaps functionality. And I bet many of us do the sake too.
  4. Because rocket equation tells you your mileage varies as a log function of mass dry / mass wet It basically tells you there's a marginal diminishing return in action.
  5. if he can hover indefinitely, he can go to space sometimes, gundam-world physics are bugged, you know... tho the japs are good at almost everything, cartoonists arent physicists regardless to deal with this, and still retain its gundam-y taste i suggest you make the in atomsphere GN particle generation very slow while the usage is made higher, let's say. barely not enough to get into space. (and this makes sense if you consider minovsky particle weapons arent working well in atmosphere too, you know, they based this minovsky (UC) or this GN cowpoop on alpha particles which has very short half-
  6. But... OO has twin GN drive need to add Trans-AM system
  7. Unity Player [version: Unity 4.5.2f1_9abb1b59b47c] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:03890000. Error occurred at 2014-08-29_150900. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by lammatt. 80% memory in use. 3832 MB physical memory [731 MB free]. 7662 MB paging file [2713 MB free]. 8388608 MB user address space [8386269 MB free]. Write to location 03890000 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0x3c099000 RSI: 0x57440c00 RAX: 0x27414db8 RBX: 0x7b49d7c0 RCX: 0x6e847a60 RDX: 0x04d30680 RIP:
  8. yes, but i am having a strange issue now that point at kerbin doesnt quite work, has to point at a specific satellite, rendering a satellite constellation meaningless
  9. just flew an interplanetary satellite up to the skies, and has No Connection in interplanetary space when pointing at Kerbin has to point at a specific satellite to get a connection (have a 3 satellite relay at a 2hr orbit and a GSO satellite; all with one 40Gm dish point at active vessel and 1 communotron 32) is it intended or have i missed something since the update?
  10. well let me explain then for something to be considered a good material for a strut, it has to have a high tensile strength and also rigid, i.e. a high young's modulus i.e. the idea of choosing some very hard but brittle or unstable material is fundamentally wrong. it makes a lot more sense if the higher tier materials are something like a polyatomic sp2 carbon network (like those in carbon nanotubes or graphenes); i am feeling sp2 silicon are good too (like those silicates) it doesnt even make sense for those hard but brittle metal (which is also rare and hard to process) or those not-even-ph
  11. i am a chemist and i find your choice of material not making any sense.
  12. how about 3 Earth + 1 Duna gravity assist to rendezvous an asteroid
  13. plane in KSP is lackluster now. the lack of a stock cargo bay make the whole point of flying a plane meaningless, and how weak the stock control surfaces are forces you to install B9 but the problem of B9 is, the maker hasnt updated it since 0.23. you have to find the communtiy fixes for the .dll youself
  14. True, ferram nerfed the thrust of the jets a lot. (but left the basic alone.. which is lame, it's still 175kN max when the turbo jet is 110kN max while the B9 jet is 115kN max... )
  15. The shuttle SRB from the NASA pack burns for 1.5min+ already, why would you want even bigger ones anyway?
  16. Why would you even use a Mac or linux to game anyways? People these days....
  17. playing vanilla is like you buy a pingpong bat and dont glue a rubber sheet yes, you can still play the game, just that you miss 90% of the game.
  18. unrealistic? how about testing the launch clamps on mun surface? honestly, no one points a gun at your face to do EVERY contract. only the one you'd like to. problem solved, case closed.
  19. like the aerospike landed on any body, this yields a crazy amount of money for its difficulty. an aerospike is of the mass of a feather, getting it anywhere is easy regardless. (some may argue there's no attachment node on its bottom. but hey, you just put it on the uppermost stage upside down and it's good to go. and if you dont like to work with a reversed navball, you just attach an upright command pod right beneath and control from there) but some other testing mission which i consider harder (at least some thought has to be put into) are paying way less like every one of the part testing
  20. if i were you, I'd choose Hotas X obviously because it's hotas, it just feels better. but logitech has way better customer services (at least in my place, aka HongKong) and this becomes very important if it happens you have to claim the warranty take my experience as an example, my electronics die very easily, because my house is right next to the sea and is super humid. i often find myself having to go to the customer service centers of varies brands. sony, HTC, Asus, logitech, canon, you name it... among the many i have been to, logitech is among the best. they dont even ask why or how the t
  21. you will need: 1. 3 satellites 2. a manned ship able to get into orbit with ~1km/s of dV to spare on each satellite, you have to include 1. 1 Omni antenna; this is to connect the three satellites and the KSC 2. 1 Dish antenna; this is to connect your active vessel to the satellites to KS 3. Power 4. RCS for orbit maintenance
  22. there are like thousands of POV hats on any semi decent sticks they are called POV hats for a reason ------------------------------ or many of the flying simmers have trackIR or facetrackNOIR or those kind of stuff anyways
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