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  1. I was thinking about something to add: a railgun launch system. The space launch one described at the railgun wiki page would be 1.6km long and launch a package of almost 1.4 tons. The rail is chargeable in a matter of hours using 10MW it says. Something on a much smaller scale should be possible for launch from Kerbin.
  2. This mod feels like it's becoming a victim of feature creep. Why are you introducing things like precoolers for jets?
  3. I hope not, it really crushed my dreams of a solar farm smaller than hundreds of parts.
  4. It would be nice if the transmitters/relays were assumed to (or actually did) auto-orient to a target. It's a bit silly to have this thing that can't move at all.
  5. When I'm not receiving power it's because either the home reactor ran out of juice or the transmitters just take a **** and stop working until I toggle them on and off 9 times.
  6. Whats the difference between a transmitter and a relay for beaming power? edit: Bug? All my relays just change themselves to transmitter when focus on the ship is lost.
  7. Ferram, can you shed some light on the reason behind this aircraft's post-stall behavior? Namely, it wants to fly backwards, and does it mildly successfully. And then it blows up. Leading edge slats were an attempt to mitigate this. COI is a teensy bit in front of COM.
  8. I made the SU-27 in KSP 0.19. I ended up having to make a small plugin to automatically control my leading edge slats, and I also had an engine with 15 degrees of gimbal range. It was unstable but manageable, could do the Cobra and Supercobra maneuvers.
  9. But they look so cool and sci-fi-y! Why would the forward swept dealies I have on there be more likely to rip off than a normal wing? And why can't I ever make something that wouldn't explode in real life? What about this, how would this explode?
  10. The higher ups said they needed a business jet that "looked cool" and could "do all that 10g ****" but not blow up. The result:
  11. I got that black screen a lot in 0.19, I'll try to find something that breaks it. edit 1: album of screenshots of it happening with console open It seems to happen when loading one craft, launching, ending the flight, and loading a craft and launching it. But not every time. It took six tries reloading and launching the same craft to get it to happen. I got it again just now by launching a craft, restarting it ten times, then going back in to the hangar, loading the same craft again, and launching it. I was using a complex craft with a few mod parts on it, but no other plugin mods that I can see are active on it. This was all done in .19. Pic of the craft:
  12. Bill flew the Star Rocket on a sub-orbital trajectory and upon reentry ignited the engines again to reach a top speed of over Mach 13. Unfortunately, the craft was torn to pieces when it tried to maneuver towards land. RIP Bill. Your sacrifice for aerodynamic science will be forever remembered.
  13. There are probably other things wrong with it aerodynamically, but bad landing gear placement never helps.