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  1. There's some news: I made (again) smaller vehicles: Note that the lander only has NERVs. However... It can't do Tylo or the big planets/moons, for example on Tylo it can't launch unless the NERVs represent at least half the mass of it. It has lot more ∆v than the previous versions, though, and can use up to 6,500 m/s of ∆v between landings. It doesn't carry oxidizer.
  2. Final minimalist rover: seats a pilot and an engineer, fits into a 3.75m engine plate (don't ask. The docking port is inside and the rover too, when docked. So it's unaffected by drag. And the shroud of the engine plate has no collision). It has another solar panel. The lander also has some (very uneffective) mining equipment and might require prelaunched fuel reserves, but it can do without. (Here seen during a mining test. The engines are firing to remove fuel from the tanks.) (Ah, and the shroud is off)
  3. Around the Woomerang Launch Site, the landscape is beautiful (don't bother about the glitched speed and altitude):
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