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  1. I don't really understand, do you mean that we'll still use the same wiki and the old info will be ditched, or that a new wiki will be created?
  2. Well, since political content (which I assume include political opinions) are forbidden on the forums (as per rule 2.2), I can't tell you. That said...
  3. You can get them from Steam: There are versions from 0.19.1 (at least for Linux).
  4. Is you KAL's play position linked to the U/D axis group? In this case, its position will just be set when you change the axis group, but no events (aka the little blue diamonds) will play. If you want to have lights on/off at certain play positions, then you should instead link Light R (and Light G, and Light B) to the KAL instead of Lights On / Lights Off. Then, edit the curve so that, at the right timestamps (for example, at a third of the way) the curve is either 1 (if you want your lights up at that timestamp) or 0 (if you want them off). Maybe a drawing may be better here: And that's roughly the same as: (which I think is what you made) Hope it helps.
  5. "we" is twenty to thirty students, and we successfully blocked all entrances of the school so that no student (except one class, but they had like an exam) could enter it. Administration and teachers could, though.
  6. NB: It is possible that the images don't update correctly when I will add more posts (in which case I'll tell you how to fix it).
  7. N -12 -- Here's my proposition (between the horizontal lines, not counting them): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Third Great Number War I. Important Notice As per instructions from the moderators: there is to be no role play elements to the battle. Simple exclamations that we are getting ahead or falling behind, or saying you need help are fine, but no suggestion that you are part of an army or fantasy faction in some epic confrontation. It is more or less attempting to reach a goal line and passing to another with the same goal, or getting intercepted by someone going the other way. II. Rules A. Definitions Current Number (CN): the number around which the game revolves. At the beginning of each round, it is set to 0. Round (or Battle): between two resets of the CN. Ninja'd: if, while you are typing your post, someone else posts a move, which makes yours invalid, you have been ninja'd. Most of the time, you won't see it until you refresh the page. This then causes you to have to edit your post to correct for the new number. It is then not unheard of for someone to post before you have had a chance to edit your post, and so a cascade effect happens. To make clear your original intent in the hopes of lessening this, see under "Posts". B. Goal The goal is for the CN to reach ±75. Everytime this happens, the current round ends, a new one is started, and the CN is reset to 0 in the next post. If the CN is 75, it is a Positive victory. If it is -75, it is a Negative victory. C. Posts Every valid post must contain at least a number, the CN (when you made the post, and prefaced by a letter, see below). Additionally, for your post to be valid: You must wait at least five minutes between two of your posts. This is to minimise spam and ninja posting. (Note that it is not five minutes between any two posts, but only between your own posts.) Any other player must have posted a valid post between your last post and your new post. In other words, you can't make two posts in a row. The CN in your post must be the one of the previous post, plus or minus 1 (one). No floating-point or decimal (etc.) shenanigans, please. "One" is neither 0.5 nor 32. Your number must have a preface letter before it, which is one of the following. By doing this, a player can see what you intended to put, and post knowing what it would be if you had not been ninja'd. P if you are trying to get the CN to +75 (Positive) N if you are trying to get the CN to -75 (Negative) Z if your goal is to get the CN to zero (Neutralist) C if you are chaotic and just post as you feel, but your post's CN must only be 1 different from the last post's. The addition or the subtraction of the number 1. (Chaotic) III. Tally of Victories Positive: 7 Negative: 7 IV. History of the Third Great Number War Thanks to @Nazalassa, who went through every post in this thread, and wrote down their CN, we have this graph, which shows the evolution of the CN across this thread. The horizontal scale is the CN, and the vertical scale is the post number (since the beginning of the thread). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ To avoid residual background color, I recommand that you quote me, and copy the part of the quote that my proposition is to the OP. Else, there's going to be a gray background behind the text, which will probably look ugly for people using the new [dark] themes. Also note that it is normal that the spoiler has extra space at the bottom... Please don't remove it. I also demand approval from @ColdJ, who made the previous rules, before the OP is changed. I did some slight reorganization, rephrased a few things, and added a definition section, as well as a bit of info.
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