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  1. I can't tell if I'm being really stupid and missing something obvious, or if this just doesn't show orbital inclination? I feel like that would be pretty good to have, to know like... the relative inclination compared to Kerbin, or something like that. To know if you'll need to change inclination to reach the body
  2. Gotcha, figured as much! Got no problem with that, just thought I'd bring it up. I look forward to playing with it, thanks for all the amazing work you do
  3. Can confirm this works! Thanks a bunch Just a heads up, I also use Filter Extensions, and the Micro Dawn shows up under Squad, rather than Universal Storage. I'm not sure if that's an oversight or a limitation based on the fact it's a rescaled Dawn, but I thought I'd let you know EDIT: ...oh and it has the same mass, dry mass, volume, etc
  4. ReStock and ReStock+, yup. I have the patch @Yaar Podshipnik brought up in my Patches folder, but no sign of the Micro Dawn part anywhere in game or outside
  5. I was actually about to post this myself. I suspected I was being colossally stupid and missing something obvious, but it's a little comforting that I'm not alone I searched in game, looked through manually. I checked parts lists with Cornucopia, then did a search for 'dawn' inside the Universal Storage folder, and got nothing in any of those attempts. It seems like it might not be in the files?
  6. I've seen the thread a few times in the last few weeks, I'm thrilled to see the full release! Honestly it's exactly what I was hoping for
  7. I was initially planning on Galaxies Unbound, but I realised that dozens of stars, each with dozens of planets... was just too much. Plus my system map was laggy. I think I'll probably end up going with Extrasolar, just one additional star, and it's binary with Kerbol
  8. Honestly, I'm not that worried about FTL specifically, it's just that... all 3 of those mods seem to add fuels and technologies, and I'm worried that they might clash, when I play. Like having multiple heat systems, different fuels doing the same thing, etc
  9. Hi guys, I'm just getting into modding KSP and have made a list of mods I'm interested in. I won't bore you with the details or ask for feedback or suggestions about it, but there is one thing I'm curious about I know Blueshift and KSPIE kind of do the same thing - offering a way to get FTL. I also have all of Nertea's mods on my list, and then I realised that Far Future likely has some FTL as well? Basically, I'm wondering about how those 3 mods would interplay. I think I'm most excited about Blueshift, then Far Future, then KSPIE, but from what I've seen from Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest, and read about Blueshift, they use very different systems to do it, different fuels, and I think Far Future uses a different thermal system altogether... My initial plan was to have all 3, but it's seeming like I should only get one of them? Maybe two? Anyone have any experience with this?
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