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  1. @Nertea I've been trying to create a waterfall base config for a SpaceY engine. Could you tell me why my config does not work please? I'm currently at a loss. @PART[SYengine2mR1] MODULE { name = ModuleWaterfallFX moduleID = ratiteFX engineID = SYR1 TEMPLATE { templateName = stock-hydrolox-upper-1 overrideParentTransform = ThrustTransform scale = 1,1,1 rotation = 0,0,0 position = 0,0,0 } }
  2. Yes. and ESPECIALLY wind, wind would make a worlds difference imagine a crosswind plane landing
  3. This mod is amazing!!! Could the MK1 cockpit be redone too, its textures look rather dated. This is so great!
  4. I think that KSP should not have to be this complicated...
  5. Hi. I recently lost my hard drive and so all my mods with it and have been trying to find all the mods I had. I installed all but MK3 Airliner and Flag+Decals from CKAN. I have no idea what could be causing this, but random spheres appear at cockpit level on all my crafts. Here is a list of all my mods. I'm starting to run out of love for this game but I don't wanna give up after 3600 hours.FYI: The "Mach" folder is just a mach speed gauge.
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