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  1. upon investigation closing/opening ksp cuts vab to launch from 30+ seconds to 5 seconds. I'd like to know why. if I monitor the pc during these 30s it doesn't seem to be doing anything, cpu of gpu.
  2. 'insert' fixed it for me when it got stuck, after that 'alt L' worked as expected, ie toggled the stage lock.
  3. Thanks for replies, Here are some details. zero mods. did have 'landing height' and 'wind tunnel' but removed them to see if... but it wasn't. craft consisting of one part (staypunik) time from VAB to launch pad 33 seconds time from VAB to space centre 10 seconds time from space centre tracking station 10 seconds time from space plane hanger to runway 31 seconds some specs Display Adapter Radeon RX550/550 Series OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3600 Mhz Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB C Drive ADATA SX6000PNP 512.1 GB game version I'd just like to know if this delay is normal or whether I have a problem.
  4. Thanks steuben, but I see this ~30s with something with 5 parts. It improves slightly if I quit and reload but soon reverts. I wondered if any settings I may have altered would affect it. Otherwise the game runs fine, but with this delay, and the necessity to warp-to-dawn half the time it makes popping back and forth to tweak, say, reluctant de-couplersa bit more tedious than I'd like.
  5. Why does it take so long to get from anywhere to anywhere at the space centre, eg spaceplane hanger to runway ~30 seconds ?
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