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  1. Yeah Khyron if you\'d put me back on the list, same request as last time, that would be great.
  2. Ah sorry everyone, I got caught up with stuff at work and ran out of time. Stupid jobs ruining my space time.
  3. Sign me up for another flight Destination base: Aluminum Oxide Planned mod: TBD
  4. Lander broken down? Out of fuel? Fear not fellow Kerbonauts, your shuttle has arrived. Ready for takeoff Orbit Munar orbit Vertical Landing Parked and ready for launch. I moved it a bit away from the base so I could park it perpendicular to the slope so it would stay in one place. There\'s enough fuel to make it back to KSC for supplies.
  5. I would like to add to the Thrionian Cloria I Mun Base (unless it fills up). I would like to add Mech Jeb.
  6. I\'d love to take a turn at this. Can I/should I wait to choose a landing site closer to my actual turn. I know the original sites are starting to get a bit crowded.
  7. speedollama

    [Challenge] SunJump

    Those people are all of the people, you know, being a demo and all.
  8. speedollama

    Aeronautical Re-Engineering

    Correct. I\'ve attached the .craft if anyone wants it. It\'s all stock.
  9. speedollama

    Aeronautical Re-Engineering

    My first attempt, should be easy to guess.
  10. I finally achieved this after many many hours. After achieving orbit, there were 8 full fuel tanks remaining. I messed up the deorbit burn a bit and landed way short of KSC, but land it I did. It weighs in at 49.19 tons, and flies like a dream.
  11. Is there a quick and dirty way to calculate the mass of a ship, or do I need to add up the part mass myself? I\'ve got a rad spaceplane in stable orbit right now waiting for deorbit burn, and spoiler alert, it\'s kind of big.