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  1. Hold up. Aren't these just part of Scatterer when you download it anyways? And if you are talking CKAN, Scatterer needs all of these to have the configs so that it knows what bodies to add effects to. Without these you will need a whole new planets list, and sun config. Right? Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Try to test this out on a non-atmospheric body. I don't think planetshine applies a light source while in atmosphere, I think it just adjusts the ambient light level. I noticed the biggest difference on the mun. Specifically while landing from orbit. Again, this could just be me.
  3. I believe by itself, planetshine causes less lag. But that may just be me.
  4. @Krazy1 I think I can see the problem. Make sure you don't have the default EVE configs. Spectra provides its own configs and using the two at the same time will result in two different config's clouds being used. In this video you can see that the default EVE config's clouds, which are above the Spectra ones, fade first, explaining the change. Makesure to not have the default EVE config and have module manager so Spectra's clouds can be applied.
  5. It is designed to work on 0.835 so make sure thats what you are using. Are you using the vibrant sunsets extra? If so it may make everything look a little pale. We are currently working on changing this a bit. Edit: The whole point of this update was the get the Scatterer compatibility up to the current version. I think that may not have been obvious. As for the problems with the planets, this is what they should look like... Eve: (no wierd transtitions) Kerbin: (this will be the look once a future patch is pushed to fix the pale look, but it's not too different from how it currently looks) Duna: (with the vibrant sunsets thing) It is also possible that @HafCoJoe made some changes
  6. I just threw together a trailer for the update, seeing as there are a few new things, enjoy (looks best in 4k) Note the new volumetric Minmus fog, which will be in an "experimental branch" of the update!
  7. @tilliepops it looks like you still have Kopernicus installed, try removing that. I also don't remember seeing a Kopernicus icon for just generic Kopernicus uses, so maybe it is an out of date version causing the game to break. Hope you get this fixed!
  8. Hey all, I have been very busy for a few weeks, and have had about a singular day to work on the update. Last time I worked on it, I did some messing around with the new Scatterer features. This includes secondary sun support, which I used to create a bit of planetshine on Laythe. @HafCoJoe said he would be alright with some of the new Scatterer features being built in as long as they don't have too much of a performance hit. I think I'll be able to get these in on release. Anyways, what you are all here for, the screenshots: You can probably expect a release in the next few weeks as once I am done being busy I should be able to finish work on the update quickly. Also let me know what you think of these new features and stay tuned for possibly more!
  9. I mean, we already have seen true volumetric clouds in KSP 2 feature videos, and personally, I'm just happy with that. I mean, think of all the things you can do with just clouds- anything from obscuring vision for a landing, to having beautiful formations for people to fly through. All of which can add to a planet's unique identity. I don't mean to sound to harsh saying this, but the thing about KSP 2, when compared to some of the videos that have been shown off, is that in a game like KSP, these things are much more ambitious and difficult to pull off. And this all comes do to the simple nature of the game, being that there has to be seamless transitions between being on the surface of planets, to being in orbit of said planet, to being around a completely different planet. Many of the things shown off here are simple scenes with most likely not even props behind the camera, or games that take place on a flat world with a good looking skybox. As it is, these were probably quite difficult to pull off, now imagine trying to do that across many solar systems without making any significant performance hit, have it perform well with an advanced physics system, and have it be all seamless. My point: don't let your expectations of people's good looking weather assets ruin KSP 2 for you. That being said, I'm sure the very talented devs of KSP 2 will make something very impressive.
  10. Just wanted to show some progress with the Scatterer update- pretty happy so far: Eve: Kerbin: Duna: Pretty excited @HafCoJoe let me do this.
  11. I could give it a try as I know how to work Scatterer, then I could just send you the configs as I don't know much about getting module manager patches to work.
  12. Are you running Scatterer? If so, this is from it's TAA, which can be turned off and replaced with SMAA in the spacecenter Scatterer menu. Personally, even though TAA is a little bugged, the fact of how much better it looks is a reason to leave it on. Hopefully this fixes your issue!
  13. There is nothing wrong with it, per say, this is just the way it is implimented. I agree with you on the fact that it doesn't look the best, but you can change in. I found the best way is to just mess around with the Scatterer sunflare settings, like I see you have open. The simplest way to go about this is just to over saturate the flare. Simply multiply the color setting evenly across RGB to your liking. You can mess around with some of the other settings too, but just remember you have to write the settings in the sun.cfg inside Scatterer, it won't save automatically. Hope this helps!
  14. I think procedural parts that have common uses, like wings or radiators, are cool- but engines should be unique. They should each have their own uses, and be needed in different scenarios. Also progression with procedural engines might be a little wierd- 'cause there might be a really late game planet with a very thick atmosphere or something like that, and if you could just make the nozzle really small on a normal sea level engine and get away with it (albeit at a low efficiency) it would just be a bit wierd. This of course, is as apose to having to spend more rescources on a more advanced engine capable of operating efficiently in such environments. I could however see some hilarious bugs coming from disproportionately sized engine bells...
  15. Dude this asctually looks so good! I'm so excited for the release On the subject of them looking a bit samey- maybe larger individual cloud formations would help?
  16. Do you have your game graphics at max? If you do, turning down both reflection sliders to the second highest will massively increase performance with no visual loss. Hope this helps.
  17. Woah- I could just see that dust storm on Duna, it would add a little interest to that place!
  18. My goodness this is amazing. One question, previously you said that this would stay as part of the original mod, so how would these new clouds work with config packs? I mean, you wouldn't need a config pack with these, but what would happen if you did?
  19. Do you have Modular Flight integrator (found in Kopernicus download), the Parallax base, and the Parallax Stock Textures?
  20. This mod works fine in the current version. Go ahead and give it a try, it's pretty cool!
  21. There are other sunflares available for Scatterer, like Sunflares of Maar. They look better but they are a little difficult to get working .
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