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  1. Awwh that's really sad. I also hear about these Krakens.... I always thought it was a joke when there's a bug or a glitch people call it a Kraken but I've seen posts about shaking and tentacles and teeth.... Unless they're just really roleplaying the joke hard.... Is it actually a thing....? Or just kind of like a euphemism like I originally assumed?
  2. Ah so if I for the sake of argument (pretend time isn't a factor) covered all of a planet in bases.... My PC world explode? I did recently upgrade to a i7 12700k but I guess could be diminishing returns past a certain point?
  3. Yeah it's where I read about the planets and moons but there doesn't seem to be much on there other than that
  4. Looking on youtube there's not even many videos matching largest base or colony or station... Anything like that. Can you in theory colonise all the planets and moons in Kerbal provided you sink enough time into it? I mean covering vast swathes of the surface.... Well obviously not Jool... But yeah. I know Eve is only based on Venus but is that landable.....? I assume terraforming isn't a thing... But maybe possibly with modding? Also I've seen things about landing on asteroids, how are they represented ingame? Are there a finite amount?
  5. Thanks it's just I have like a billion questions for really little things that I could start threads for.... Or cluster into threads.... But it would still be a lot... Mostly I guess about what can and can't be made and implemented I guess.
  6. I think I would want the steam copy in the future though because the workshop surely simplifies modding?
  7. I have had a google but it seems rather sparse which surprises me for a game that has been out as long as Kerbal. I've had my eye on it for a few years but never read too deeply and only realised a while back that the Kerbals actually have their own planet, star and solar system of their own with various planet/moon/asteroid analogue/homages etc. Is there anywhere you can read up on whatever lore there is? And learn about the planets and stuff?
  8. I really don't want to install nor enter steam for the forseeable future private stuff. I'd like to just get the game from the website and play but want to know if at some point in the future if I wanted it on steam would it be possible to have both copies? Like I said I don't care about migrating stuff between the 2 it's just something you accept when you get a game on 1 platform and then get it again on another etc. I don't know if there's any kind of like "account stuff" involved though.
  9. Heya, so I really don't want an argument or discussion but I'm avoiding steam completely due to social stuff. What I would like to know is if I buy a copy of Kerbal from the website, can I in the future also get it again on steam if I wish? I don't care about anything being carried over or "saved" that's fine. Any insight would be awesome thank you.
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