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  1. Hey guys, uhm... Picture as following. Anyone ideas how to get rid of that mess? I maybe was a little bit lazy while testing... https://imgur.com/a/CMYIb4V Greetings!
  2. Well... So far I imagined our universe like following: As the center of the observable universe we see that everything expands away from us. Okay. But what if some objects are just expanding faster from "point zero" and other objects slower. And these objects that expand slower seem to expand away from us - But the don't do that at all. They just expand with a lower speed than we do from point zero. So they're moving away from us not because they're technically speeding away, but we do. Is that understandable in any shape or form what I'm writing down here? Sorry if the explanation sucks, I'm no native english speaker. If anything is a confusing please tell me so I maybe can make it clearer... Greetings and thanks for the thought experiment so far.
  3. Hey folks, well. The title speaks kind of for itself: We all know that speed is relative to any reference point we measure it. But it there a reference point for every object in the universe? The universe expands. Every object orbits anything else. But every object also moves away from one point. I'm aware of the little point in which the big bang happened. But it this maybe the reference point I'm asking for? And where the hell is that thing? There has to be 1 single object or place everything has a relative speed to. Which is it and where? Greetings Ariggeldiggel
  4. Okay, the file editor is just insane. I was stupid enough to oversee the warning that pops out if something is completely wrong in my save file and so I was searching for a solution on my own. But a simple click on "fix error" does the job just fine. Thank you very much! Problem solved. @18Watt I'm using the latest version, I don't now the version number by heart. It's assembled in space and all four docking ports are used and have to be undocked single handedly. Greetings!
  5. Thank you very much for that editor, it's working great. But my big question now is, what to do. I was able to identify my vessel and the ports that are bug inflicted. Firstly I tried to delete the DOCKEDVESSEL node from the single one connected port and changed it state to Disengage. But it was still connected. Then I went the other way and just added every disengaged docking port the DOCKEDVESSEL node and changed their state to Docked (dockee), but they weren't able to undock. Soooo.. What am I missing here?
  6. Hey community, I've a problem with some docking ports. At the moment I'm building a mining device in the orbit of kerbit. To make the connections strong I've started replacing the single docking ports with a quadruple system. After detaching, modifying and reattaching I realized: Damnit. It's rotation angle is wrong. So I wanted to undock the 4-docking-part-connection, fix the rotation and re-dock it again. But after undocking the first three ports, I can't undock the fourth one. What am I doing wrong? On the picture below the left side represents the lower 4 ports, the right side represents the upper 4 ports of the connection. https://imgur.com/a/zzUiMFt And yes. I'm still building "go big or go home". Relate (To this quote): Greetings!
  7. Because some guys wanted to see the thing on my mun: https://imgur.com/a/hCoNmci Trüffelschwein 5 meets Trüffelschwein 4. Okay, I lost 2 tires due to a hard landing with around 10m/s but hey! It's on the surface and ready for mining. I had watched this but somehow it couldn't help me
  8. Hey guys, many of you are talking about how big my rockets are - But how on earth should I get a mining machine up to mun without building big enough?^^ I tried to use smaller tanks and smaller engines, but there I get to 1500m/s DeltaV and around ~0.2 TWR . That will never ever get to orbit .
  9. And there we got to the mun with that damn thing! https://imgur.com/a/uxd9sLX Thanks again everybody for your help and advices!
  10. Well. I finally know my problems thanks to you guys. https://imgur.com/a/z8wnl2e 1. I went for a lower TWR, because of youtube videos where ppl told about "At least above 1 and between 1.10 and 1.20 is fine". Well. Not for these situations I guess. So problem 1: Higher TWR 2. I started to turn the rocket since I started playing the game. Before it was like: Straight up until apoapsis ~100km and then turn. Now I went: get 100m/s, turn (no matter how high I am) to 27,5°. Then after reaching 150m/s to 200m/s turn to 90°. Usually I was about 4-5km height there. That was waaay too early for that payload I guess. Yes I turn it always on. But yeah, you're correct. Read 2) above ------------------------------------------------------------ This is, what I was doing: You're allowed and invited to laugh^^ The result of watching some guides and thinking "Oh! That could be more efficient!" eventhough one was doing everything correct before and changing it caused the whole problem now...
  11. Oh lord... I wish I was able to even come to the point where I decouple the tanks mate^^.. I only come to 4-5km height and that's it...
  12. Well. I tried to pull it. Not-So-Fun-Fact: It flips: https://imgur.com/a/LJ0N0rr
  13. Well, you surely can say if I've done something terribly wrong, I've no doubt I did mess up a ton of stuff. The position of the reaction weels.. To be honest? It's random. I just put them here and there to make sure it's distributed very evenly. Why? Because I thought it was best if the power of turning is distributed quite well. If that's wrong, it's wrong and I've to change it. I chose a TWR between 1.00 and 1.10, because I thought "You need 1 to get off the ground, the rest is wasted power and is invested better in more Delta V by more fuel" Why? Because I always have a fuel problem. Usually I start the rocket and never turn it until I reach the apoapsis. So I give full throttle, wait for the apoapsis to get to 100km and set a maneuver for creating an orbit. After that I start throttle with focus on the maneuver node at T - throttletime/2. Three days ago I started to turn the rocket while starting to the 45°. How I do it? Completely intuitive and I guess completely wrong.
  14. Well.. No.. The rule I followed was "Oh. Yes. That looks about right. Let's try it!" The last 70 hours this worked perfectly and all was fun. But this now is.. Well. Yeah.. Not at all.
  15. Doesn't work. It flips like there's no tomorrow. https://imgur.com/a/OdMjMqq
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