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  1. Hello dear community, sorry for being rude in the title, but I'm extremely annoyed, angry - Yes: Absolutely liquided off. I bought KSP just a week about and I'm around 90 hours playtime now. At first it was very frustrating, that the tutorials are partially buggy and so it's almost impossible to get a clue of the complexity of this game. But I worked myself through, managed to build a rocket, get into orbit, land on the moon of kerbit and even managed to build two space stations with around 30 flights and coupling processes in order to build it together in space. It is a total pain in the a** for me, even though I'm enjoying the game, because nobody explains you just anything of it. A friend of mine started KSP the same time I did and he broke his keyboard and mouse because he didn't manage to understand even one single thing. He wasn't even able to get into orbit after 40 hours. However, I'm trying to install a moon base with ore mining, so I can refuel my ships at the space station around the moon before landing on the moon, because I'm not able to get even close to have enough fuel with any rocket bigger than a cockroach to land on that piece of rock. It's even extremely hard for me to have even enough fuel to get into Kerbits orbit. And now? In 3 days, over 30 hours, I've built 7 different version of my mining payload, because none of them were even close to get into space. On top of that I build 19 different version of carrier rockets, to get it up. They were too heavy, didn't get into orbit, didn't get to mun, weren't landable or in most cases: Didn't have enough fuel. This HORRIBLE!!!! fuel thing is driving me way more than insane. I always don't have enough fuel. 90% of the time in that game I only run out of fuel. Now I have enough fuel, enough Delta V, enough TWR to hopefully manage to get this thing to mun. And what now? Now that thing flips and flips and flips and flips. Aerodynamics are fine and it flips. Do you maybe have any ideas how to fix it? I'm so close to finally raging and throwing my computer out of the window - Just to throw napalm afterwards. Greetings
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