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  1. Here's two from my old folder of lost saves. A modified design based on one of the alternatives for the ISS and an SSTO refuelling station in LKO, yes those are full jumbos, yes it was launched on a single 3500t launch vehicle... it destroyed the launchpad as it took off . And more recently, MIR built using the Tantares parts.
  2. That could be it! Thanks, I checked the versions and I was using b9partswitch that I must have carried over from a previous install. No issues with this one for 1.12.x. And I agree, waterfall is a must have.
  3. I was having the same problem but traced it down to an interaction between Restock and Waterfall (mostly restock though). You haven't mentioned Restock but I never thought of it (why not restock is visual...) until I found that restock also deletes references to the some sounds, specifically "sound_rocket_hard" which is relied upon by MANY engines both stock and modded. Once I installed Waterfall, Restock and the additional WaterfallRestock from github below it solved my issues instantly. The three together seem to work, using any on on their own was breaking sounds for me. https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/WaterfallRestock/releases Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you so much for releasing this one. It is a damn beautiful rocket and very accurate whilst still keeping to that that kerbal feel... Is this the Roscomos moar boosters effect? Now folded into my list of regular launch vehicles. Thanks to all my future missions supported by the relay constellation you've launched up to KEO. The Kerbin Launch Association thanks you for your service komrade! Overestimated the defense of my puny commsat in the face of a 5-core first stage. No need for Briz on this one.
  5. Cross post album from over on the MKShuttle dev thread but I have to drop a massive thank you for TUfx. It looks simply amazing and the last few days of play in 1.12.3 I can hardly believe this is KSP! Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Using a tweaked version of Fox's Gemini profile (below). https://imgur.com/a/QTGCYHn TUFX_PROFILE { name = FoxGemini4Edited hdr = False antialiasing = FastApproximateAntialiasing EFFECT { name = Bloom Intensity = 2.10691833 Threshold = 0.968553424 SoftKnee = 0.625786185 } EFFECT { name = ChromaticAberration Intensity = 0.0399999991 } EFFECT { name = ColorGrading GradingMode = HighDefinitionRange Tonemapper = ACES Temperature = 13.8364782 Tint = 10.6918211 HueShift = -12.4528284 Saturation = 10.0628929 PostExposure = 0.8 Contrast = 6.91823864 Lift = 1,1,1.1,0.0299999993 Gain = 1.05999994,1,0.600000024,0 } EFFECT { name = Vignette Intensity = 0.55 Smoothness = 1 Roundness = 0 } EFFECT { name = AutoExposure MinLuminance = -0.600000024 } }
  6. Loving the mod and it's made me smile so much over the last few days I have been playing around. Definitely now brought into my full time modpack and one of my essential part mods. Have some gorgeous screenshots of Molniya visiting the amazing (K)Mir station! Graphics courtesy of TUfx+Fox's presets, Scatterer and Planetshine. https://imgur.com/a/QTGCYHn
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