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  1. I just removed KSPIE from my save and checked the Nerv engine. It looks like KSPIE replaces the 'LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor' with the '"NERVA" Solid Core Fission Engine'. I found these 3 differences (maybe more that I might have missed): KSPIE causes the Nerv engine to slowly thrust up, and slowly thrust down. This is what I was referring to above. When you go to full throttle, you don't have full thrust immediately. When you cut throttle to zero, you still produce a little bit of thrust until it falls off to zero. I have found this to be a difficult and frustrating feature to deal with. Putting exact amounts of dV into a maneuver node, for example, is difficult KSPIE causes the Nerv engine to produce electricity. I have found this to be a useful feature. KSPIE changes the exhaust plume. Meh. Also, I don't get any dV readings in the VAB for the NERVA. I didn't notice if I can see dV numbers for the Nerv. For the NERVA, dV is fine once launched, and seem to match the Nerv. Stock Nerv: KSPIE NERVA:
  2. If you use CKAN to launch, you can modify your command line arguments: CKAN > Settings > Game command-line KSP_x64.exe -single-instance -popupwindow I was experiencing the exact same issue as you described, and this fixed it for me.
  3. Thanks for looking into this. But I didn't reply again. I only sent the one post about the Mk2 Lander Can.
  4. I'm still running 1.12.2, and I just discovered the following problem. If I launch a Mk 2 Lander Can with a pilot and a scientist, do a Crew Report, and then send the scientist EVA and have him right click the lander can: With the standard size Mk 2 Lander Can (2.5m), the scientist can see the "Take Data" option to get the Crew Report out With the Mk 2 Lander Can scaled up to 3.75m, the scientist does not see the Crew Report, with no option to "Take Data" in the menu 2.5m Mk2 Lander Can, "Take Data" is a visible option for taking out the Crew Report 3.75m Mk2 Lander Can, "Take Data" is NOT a visible option for taking out the Crew Report KSP.txt log Player.txt log
  5. I have KSP Interstellar Extended. One thing I've noticed, that seems different from behavior in videos I've seen, is that the Nerv continues to produce a little bit of thrust, and only slowly reduces thrust to zero, after I've set thrust to zero. All other engines go directly to zero thrust immediately upon command. This may be a KSP Interstellar behavior, but I also have plenty of other mods that may be doing this. Or, maybe this is standard behavior for the Nerv now.
  6. Although this video is about 1.5 hours long, I really enjoyed it. It's about the Apollo Guidance Computer, how it worked, and how the crew interacted with it. It describes what was really happening with all of those 1202 alarms that were going off during the lunar landing descent. And here's a 15 minute video from Scott Manley where he interacts with some people who have recently gotten an original one of these computers working again.
  7. Here's how to re-root the subassembly on PC (I don't know about console): While your mouse still has "control" of the subassembly, press 4 Now left click the part that you want to be the new root part of the subassembly You should now be able to attach the subassembly at the point (part) that you wanted.
  8. Yes, this is what I've been doing. It's inconvenient to have nothing in the VAB (or SPH) though.
  9. Yes, it flies. Yes, it has the correct propellant. See in the photo that it has Liquid Fuel. Once in orbit, the correct dV numbers show up.
  10. I ran some tests a few days ago, looking to collect dV and fuel requirements for an upcoming Eve mission I'm planning. With the ship below, I did the following: Cheat the vessel to Low Eve Orbit in Sandbox mode Run the sequence of steps shown in the spreadsheet, from bottom to top, starting with "Raise Ap to 64Mm" and ending with "Hohmann transfer to target". I had MechJeb do all the burns. In some cases I halted executing before it was finished, because I had reached the target and there was still dV remaining in the burn. In every case: MechJeb burned more fuel than the Rocket Equation calls for. Look at column E of the spreadsheet. This is what the Rocket Equation calls for given the dry mass of column H and the dV of column D. I spot checked some of these using this URL, which agreed with my numbers: https://faxmachinen.com/ksp/fuel.html. Now look at columns E and N. E is the amount of fuel that should be required to burn the dV called for in column D, but column N is the fuel actually used. They differ by quite a lot. MechJeb always started the burn "late", past the burn time divided by 2 time. Even on the relatively short, low dV burns. Do I have a MechJeb issue? If so, do I need to report it on a different forum, with logs, etc.? Or is this expected behavior?
  11. I did a little research, and found a few people asking the same question, but I never saw an answer. I've addressed some of the "try this" items I've found, specifically: Make sure the root part is not below the Nerv engines in the staging stack. They are not. Make sure the dV calculating tool at lower right is set to vacuum. It is. Turn the MechJeb dV calculator on. It is. Is also shows zero. KER info window in lower left also shows zero You can see plenty of fuel in the tanks Is this just standard behavior, and I just need to work around it? Or do I have an issue here? Here's a much simpler craft, which I did in case other parts were somehow contributing to the issue.
  12. Did Elvis even notice? He was too busy crying in the chapel.
  13. There are several good videos that show getting early game science. Most involve these methods, which I also followed to get early science in my career game: Build a kerbaled rover of some kind as early as possible and get science from the KSC (each building is a "biome", and your vehicle often [maybe always] must be touching the building) Build a science aircraft and get flying low, flying high, landed (and possibly splashed down) science for all or most of the biomes on Kerbin Max science from each rocket launch by getting flying low, flying high, in space low, and in space high science over each different biome (as your flight allows), and then by landing in biomes that you don't already have landed or splashed down science for Good luck!
  14. OP asked for our individual methods. I was trained in computer science and mathematics. As a mathematician, I would follow PEMBAS, in which case I get the result of 9, as follows: 6/2(1+2) = 6/2*(1+2) [math notation] = 6/2*3 [Parentheses first] = 3*3 [Multiplication and Division have equal priority and are evaluated left to right] = 9 As a computer scientist, I would not leave this to chance (or to the programming language, or to the compiler/interpreter writer's discretion). I would use additional parenthesis to implement the PEMBAS order of events, as follows: result = (6 / 2) * (1 + 2)
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