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  1. I think it's an OPM issue I had something similar to that happen to me when I was using OPM.
  2. Today, I went to Duna to make some red sandcastles but had issues getting back home. Picture of Jeb on Duna
  3. Since the James Webb Telescope is in a Lagrange point, I was curious if Ksp 2 will have them?
  4. So the mods I have are Click Through Blocker, TexturesUnlimated, Toolbar Control, AVP (AstronomersVisalPack), B9partSwitch, EnvironmentalVisalEnhancements, Planet Shine, Poodles Nebula Skybox, ScanSat, Scatter, PicoPort, Sigma, Waterfall, Stock Waterfall, Texture Replacer, Trajectores, Kerbal Alarm Clock, TUFX I believe most of them are up to date except Kerbal Alarm Clock
  5. Idk if it's an issue with my mods or the game itself, it mostly happens after I do EVA construction or place stuff from the Breaking Ground DLC. Picture
  6. Might be the wrong place to ask this question but I can't find the Restock Waterfall Config anywhere can someone give me a link to it? Edit: I found it I just had to dig a little deeper
  7. I landed at the Neil Memorial today here is some pictures if you're interested. Picture One Picture Two
  8. Since kerbals can have babies in the new game there is probably some sort of aging process so can kerbals die of old age in the new game?
  9. I suck at planes, but I was able to make a space shuttle that could survive reentry and I just wanted to show the world. Picture
  10. Link to the reddit post Found this fan art of Kerbal babies This was made by u/I-am-THEdragon on reddit.
  11. I've played KSP for about a year but never successfully launched any planes or space shuttles I've been trying to make a space shuttle to LKO but during reentry it flips if anyone has any tips that would be helpful, I also left a picture if that's helpful. Space Shuttle Image
  12. I only have pictures past the landing because I forgot to take screenshots, but I hope you enjoy. Landing rendezvous I wasn't very close when I took this screenshot reentry Splash Down
  13. I just realized I made a backup yesterday lol I should be able to get the save from it. Thanks for the help though.
  14. I accidently deleted my save how do I get it back any tips or is it gone.
  15. I sent a rover to the far side of the Mun today and started working on a Minmus Colony. :)
  16. Built this little prob that landed on the far side of the Mun hope you guys like it Pictures Link didn't work lol here a different link Link 1 Link 2
  17. I want to do a mission where I flyby Jool and use its gravity to get me close to the sun how close can I get before I start to overheat?
  18. If you have the Breaking ground DLC you have probably seen Minmus's Olivine formations, there is a piece of dialog when you Analize it, hinting at a possible ocean in the past. There is also green sandstone which forms from Organic waste collecting on sandstone when you do an analysis of the Greensand stone it says that Minmus's flats are salt flats and some other things that aren't important for this discussion. this makes me thing that Minmus once had an atmosphere and an ocean, but it evaporated only leaving salt behind and the dry seabed which makes up Minmus flats.
  19. I suck at coming up with ideas does anyone else have a cool idea I could do.
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