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  1. Thank you for the update and the new info, Nate! I'm wishing the best for you and the entire team, take as long as you all need!
  2. That video is an incredible piece about NFTs and Crypto in a nutshell, and I highly recommend anyone watch it. To add to the topic of discussion, NFTs and Crypto have no place in KSP at all, and I would immediately pass on buying KSP 2 should it have either in them.
  3. Yeah, thankfully, this just gives us a more precise release window, which is nicer than just 2022! Not to be rude. Agreed, this is going to be a much larger game in many respects to KSP, so the window they are giving make sense. Not to be rude.
  4. Yeah, it's nice to at least have a more narrow window of release than just sometime this year. I'm not surprised, personally, I was expecting a Summer/Fall release. Not to be rude.
  5. According to the Earnings Call from today for Take Two-Interactive, KSP 2 will be released sometime during Fiscal 2023, which means between the dates of April 1st, 2022, and March 31th, 2023. Here's a link to the Earning's Call Report: https://ir.take2games.com/events/event-details/q3-2022-take-two-interactive-software-inc-earnings-conference-call. The screenshot is from the 9th Slide of Earnings Presentation, which is linked here: https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/917a3359-7273-4ae0-bbbd-d74bbc82bf59 Edit: Dates should be April 1st, 2022 - March 31st, 2023, as that is Take Two's Fiscal Year. Not to be rude.
  6. We'll more than likely, from what the Developers have talked about, see a lot of variety in terms of graphical effects and sizes of explosions, which would be really cool! Hopefully we'll see some examples of this in the coming weeks! Not to be rude.
  7. Agreed, PAX is the next big conference/event coming up. Even with everything going on, and if IRL stuff is cancelled, we'll probably see trailer and such being released around this time for KSP 2. One thing we do have to consider also is the fact that just because we haven't seen any "Show and Tells" or Developer Posts recently doesn't mean they aren't working on stuff or that things have gone "Off the Rails" so to speak and they are delaying the game. I think we've only seen, and will probably only see, a small section of what's been done, with the rest being what we see when the game comes out! Remain carefully optimistic, though. I have faith in the developers that they will deliver a fun and exciting game that will make the perfect sequel to KSP! Not to be rude.
  8. Hype! When is info typically released on Friday? Not to be rude.
  9. Space telescopes would be really cool! They could be used to help gather science points, but also information about the different star systems we can travel, such as the type of star, how many planets, etc! Not to be rude.
  10. Spring 2022 would be amazing, and it's what I'm hoping for as well! However, due to the fact it's already Mid-January and we haven't really heard much of a precise release date/window other than 2022, I wouldn't be surprised of a Summer 2022 release date as well. Not to be rude.
  11. Ah, yes, my apologies, friend. It's something I say to ensure, due to the vagueness that sometimes can occur through text chat when it comes to tone and inflection, that my responses and what I am saying are not taken in the wrong inflection/tone or come off as rude, as I do not wish to be rude to anyone. It's something I say just to be safe. Of course, if it is a bother, please let me know. Not to be rude. Ah, really? I'll have to re-watch that video, then. I also do agree, Stellar Evolution would have to be something we see right off from the start. Perhaps for career mode, you start without knowing the state of nearby stars, but as you expand, you gain a more concrete understanding of what stage of stellar evolution they are in. The further you expand, the more you see, etc. Not to be rude.
  12. Agreed, any star close to going supernova, could generate a lot of science, but would just cause chaos to any craft in the system, so a probe would be best! Not to be rude. That's a cool idea! Ovin will be a challenge regardless due to it's gravity, so it will be interesting trying to launch craft off it! Not to be rude.
  13. What do you guys think of seeing different stages of stellar evolution in KSP 2? I think it would provide a nice variety of visual sights and also some challenges, due to the varying nature of the different types of stars and the effects they would have on spacecraft. For instance, perhaps we could encounter some younger stars/proto-stars that are in the process of clearing out systems of solar debris, with young planetoids to land on and observe, or witness stars in the process of undergoing supernova. The possibilities are endless! Not to be rude.
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