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  1. I know the thread is old, and yes, Kopernicus is the problem of this "bug". But in case anyone finds it and wants to fix their problem with Kopernicus disabling asteroid spawning by default, go to: Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kopernicus\Config\Kopernicus_Config.cfg and change UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem = true to UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem = stock After the change i got 2 asteroids within 30 seconds of restarting my game, but keep in mind, the setting is only supposed to be used with stock-like solar systems (like OPM)
  2. This is such an awesome project, deserves much more attention! It's also exactly what I'm looking for in my current playthrough! Especially since the last OSE Workshop aparently doesn't work on 1.12. I was looking at the Konfabricator, but I don't want all the extra complexity the USI suit brings with it... If there is any unpolished version available for testing it would be great, I don't mind the occasional bug or slightly broken UI
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