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  1. please no more! Every post you devs send makes the wait harder! But srsly you guys are awesome ;D
  2. I personally think it is the number of planets in their system, and that the dots just above tell us how many systems the game will be giving us by the end of the EA period. Also I theorized a rough estimate for the height of the Kraken people based on the message in this video, where I also express a few other thoughts that would take forever to type out.
  3. remove the kraken easter egg on bop, or at least say in Bop's in game description that "fact has replaced fiction" and there is no Kraken because they are killing the kraken in KSP2
  4. Will modded multiplayer have you install the mods on your end, or will it be like terraria on steam, where they install automatically as you join a server. Or will modded multiplayer not be a thing at all (I doubt that as that would be kind of lazy)
  5. I think Saturn would still be considered a planet as the rings orbit Saturn itself, and not around the sun the way the Trojans of Jupiter do.
  6. I don’t know, maybe… I guess we will have to wait and see!
  7. "that forum user who said Nate said they had something to show us updated the post and said that he accidently referenced the "thing," which was the December show and tell
  8. good luck getting those "bursts" from the "engines" without having to open up your suit, lol
  9. It depends on how you write dates, some people do it DD/MM/YYYY, others do it MM/DD/YYYY
  10. ye, I'm betting on sometime in April. the 60th anniversary of the first ever space video game (spacewar!) is this April
  11. Theory's on the exact release date of KSP 2 Im betting on some time in April as that is the 60th anniversary of the first ever space video game (spacewar!)
  12. I would apply, but I don't have the experince, I do know of a youtuber (Danny2462) who would be perfect for this role tho!
  13. an easy way to make planets, like simple rockets 2's planet maker, but kerbalfied as well as an easier time making barycenter's for said planets
  14. With the 5th dev video thingimabobber in march or april
  15. Another common belived myth was that mars was home to a dying civilization, like the moon being made of cheese however, it's just a bunch of bologna... or is it?
  16. Technically there is a deep space Kraken easter egg on Bop, and Jool, the planet it orbits is the 6th planets, so yes... My theory is that as we go down the message, the last line will contain the exact release date of ksp 2, and that this whole Arecibo style thing is just the dev's way of building up hype
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