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  1. I have updated this patch to support realfuels, it would be better to put this to RSS release thread since the patch removes stock resource definitions. Rational resource support incoming. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7g1S8TUVTa6IswfD4
  2. Feel free to do that This is for stockalike environments. I can make a separate real fuel patch, but I think the only difference is oxidizer vs LqdOxygen, and maybe a few more resources.
  3. @ZorgFound a small issue, the part name for mars lander HGA seems to be duplicated name = bluedog_voyagerMarsLander_HGAbluedog_voyagerMarsLander_HGA
  4. The MMSEV is much larger than the cargo lift, how do we send this vehicle to the surface of Mars? By the way, any plan on the IVA for MADV?
  5. The warning disappeared after I delete the partdatabase, should be fine.
  6. Found a minor bug, the bracket for SLS sepmotor in ACK is missing which makes the waterfall FX overlap with stock FX !fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_tiny I also get a lot modulemanager warnings after SWE is installed. Looks like every SWE configs generates a warning message if the corresponding mod is not installed.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous IMO, it would looks better if you could adjust the Shininess in Scatterer to make the ocean less reflective
  8. Here’s the new link https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7gkrwEDo9KqyOi1Mk
  9. Since the resource configs for Kerbin has been removed. We need to define resource bands for Earth instead of modify Kerbin config. Could you revert all definitions for Earth to original, Thanks.
  10. Noticed that SpaceDust config for KSRSS will not work unless you delete the stock definition folder, so I wrote a patch to delete the stock definition configs. Could you also upload this patch and restore the definitions for Earth? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7gjzhtWBNnG6S4SqV
  11. I’m not sure how to send pull request, could you just upload the cfg files in the zip folder to repository?
  12. @ballisticfox0Now the game loads normally, thanks! Also, I worte a small patch that adds compatibility for Nertea's spacedust suites, would you allow me to upload this patch to KSRSS dev branch? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7ghmEN2bLX8gQ1KtT?e=gsrdBF
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