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  1. I have updated this patch to support realfuels, it would be better to put this to RSS release thread since the patch removes stock resource definitions. Rational resource support incoming. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7g1S8TUVTa6IswfD4
  2. Feel free to do that This is for stockalike environments. I can make a separate real fuel patch, but I think the only difference is oxidizer vs LqdOxygen, and maybe a few more resources.
  3. @ZorgFound a small issue, the part name for mars lander HGA seems to be duplicated name = bluedog_voyagerMarsLander_HGAbluedog_voyagerMarsLander_HGA
  4. The MMSEV is much larger than the cargo lift, how do we send this vehicle to the surface of Mars? By the way, any plan on the IVA for MADV?
  5. The warning disappeared after I delete the partdatabase, should be fine.
  6. Found a minor bug, the bracket for SLS sepmotor in ACK is missing which makes the waterfall FX overlap with stock FX !fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_tiny I also get a lot modulemanager warnings after SWE is installed. Looks like every SWE configs generates a warning message if the corresponding mod is not installed.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous IMO, it would looks better if you could adjust the Shininess in Scatterer to make the ocean less reflective
  8. Here’s the new link https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7gkrwEDo9KqyOi1Mk
  9. Since the resource configs for Kerbin has been removed. We need to define resource bands for Earth instead of modify Kerbin config. Could you revert all definitions for Earth to original, Thanks.
  10. Noticed that SpaceDust config for KSRSS will not work unless you delete the stock definition folder, so I wrote a patch to delete the stock definition configs. Could you also upload this patch and restore the definitions for Earth? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7gjzhtWBNnG6S4SqV
  11. I’m not sure how to send pull request, could you just upload the cfg files in the zip folder to repository?
  12. @ballisticfox0Now the game loads normally, thanks! Also, I worte a small patch that adds compatibility for Nertea's spacedust suites, would you allow me to upload this patch to KSRSS dev branch? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7ghmEN2bLX8gQ1KtT?e=gsrdBF
  13. I did a clean installation of the latest KSRSS and Parallax 2.0. The game freezed when I try to load saves, and I get endless error message like this [EXC 20:28:50.074] ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: Kerbin Zn0331 (PQ) [EXC 20:28:54.452] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Parallax.ParallaxInFlightOperations.Update () (at <e0593fbd8aaa47138e22bf232f7b9ae3>:0) There are also many null reference exception related to scatterer that I've never seen in previous KSRSS versions. Do you have any idea how to solve those issues?
  14. Thank you for your beautiful work. I'm wondering if you can provide a prerelease beta version so we can help you test and figure out those bugs.
  15. Here’s the resource config for KSRSS, I also added lqdMethane to harvestable resource since it’s quite abundant in gas giants. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7ghnoVdgYyZPqIUOd I have encountered performance issues when I use the 64k texture for earth. The game runs on a i7 12700k and rtx3080ti, but the frame rate still drops below 30fps when I zoom in or rotate camera. I wonder if you could provides a lower resolution texture like 32k? thanks!
  16. @tony48 Hi, I found a weird issue in the kopernicus settings for Neptune. The radius has been set to ‘radius = 602125’ which makes it 602km. I think it supposed to be 6020km. I also wrote a KSRSS SpaceDust patch for Nertea’s far future technology suites. May I upload my patch to this thread?
  17. I found that the new solar panel and radiator truss is not loaded in game. Same thing happened to the new Orion parachutes. I have installed both shaddy and the beta version of benjee_shared assets. Did I missed any hard dependency? I also wrote a systemheat patch to the radiator panel. I wonder if I can merge my cfg file into the release?
  18. The model looks absolutely beautiful! I have a question about the service module. During launch, the service module is protected by aerodynamic side panel, I wonder if you would add jettisonable side panel to this mod? Also, Kertemis Progeam by rogerwang86 has this part included, is it possible to add side attachnodes to the service tank so the panel can work with the new model. thanks!
  19. Here’s the craft file and new waterfall config. Could you replace the old waterfall cfg with this one. I did some extra change to balance it, could you also merge the new patch? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anlnec-q1Uv7gR6zr5rtC94sLa4u
  20. Fixed the broken science animation by switching ModuleAnimationGeneric to DMagic Science Animation, but generating a weird issues - if you deploy 2 instruments at the same time, you will have two robotic arms. I Also changed the waterfall template for landing thruster to hypergolic UDMH-NTO.
  21. Sure, feel free to use this patch, but I think we can directly edit the cfg if we get permission from the author.
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