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  1. Hey there folks, would anyone be able to list the launchpads that the Retro version has so I might know what I'm getting? Or is there a list anywhere? Thanks!
  2. Hey benjee, I'm still having that problem with mechjeb with the automatic separation (or it's just turning off for some reason and I lose all control of it) of the entire lower stage (SRBs, main engines, fuel tanks, etc.) And I've reinstalled mechjeb and ACK. I was wondering if you knew anything about this?
  3. Hey guys, so I'm using the SLS craft file and it appears the engines are a bit low for the SDLV mount, as in the heat shield is in mid air. Am I supposed to tweakscale it or offset them?
  4. There's nothing in the log when it does happen and it happens every time.
  5. It's happening around 20-35 seconds after I leave the atmosphere, the interstage just decouples like when I have 20-23 DV left in burn 1, and I'm using one of the provided craft files.
  6. Hey there, so when I use MechJeb2 to fly the SLS block 1 for some reason it automatically decouples the interstage (yes, autostage is turned off), does anyone know if this is a known issue or if there's a fix?
  7. Does anyone know why the craft files have missing/invalid parts?
  8. Hey folks, I was wondering if there was a build guide or if there were craft files available for this amazing mod? I can't seem to put it together on my own and any info on if there is any and where to find them would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I don't use autostage, but is there a way to make it launch and circularize with mechjeb?
  10. Oh alright, i'll take that into consideration, and is there a way to launch it with Mechjeb?
  11. Heya guys, I was wondering how I could launch the Juno I and II and actually get it in orbit, I don't know how with the Solid Rocket Motors, I'd appreciate some help, thanks!
  12. very nice! now that this is being tested, in the future do you think there would be a way to make the delta IV fuel tanks have that burnt look after the fireball?
  13. hey folks, a while ago i asked a question in the bdb forum about a problem with a transparent coming out of the mercury capsule RCS port and someone had told me it was a problem with conformal decals and I was wondering if there was a known fix?
  14. hey folks, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me any craft files for any like lunar gemini landers or mars apollo landers, i can't seem to make or find any that work and would appreciate the help
  15. Hello there, I was trying to load up KSP with BDB and a few other mods and now it's stuck on loading the Mercury RCS. I was wondering if there were any mods that could cause that to happen or if it's just a weird glitch and I should restart KSP?
  16. hi there, whenever i download the dev branch it says the file is corrupted or invalid whenever I try to open the zip, does anyone know a fix?
  17. Hi ya'll, I was just wondering if the new LM lab/shelters were up on the dev branch yet as I saw a picture or two of them in the KSP discord server.
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