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  1. Smart Boy


    Welcome to forums! Great job on your orbital mission.
  2. Hi, I'm back after developing three different rockets. Aurora 5 - V1: Capable of lifting very big payloads to LKO the Mun and Minmus. Download here. But wait, there's more! Aurora 5 V2- Capable of lifting medium Base pieces to Duna and Eve. Download here. But wait, there's another one! Aurora 5 -V3 Capable of lifting small relays to any planet except Moho. Download here. That's it, enjoy flying the rocket! BUUUUT WAIT. I used the Aruora 5 V3 to get this Relay to LAYTHE.
  3. Continued developing the Aurora 5(Warning, Very big).
  4. Could there be wind that disturbs the flight path of the ship and makes the game more challenging. The wind's direction is random and can be turned off in settings.
  5. I sank probes into the ocean on kerbin.
  6. Docked my second space station. There will be more.
  7. Fun Fact: When I docked for the first time, I didn't know that I docked because it was at night time. I just thought that my space station was destroyed during a crash because it disappeared. I time warped to the day to realize that I docked.
  8. Continued testing the Firefly 5 plane. Launched more relays.
  9. Please be reminded to check the staging, I will try to update it.
  10. The Aurora is a very capable rocket. It is capable of getting to anywhere from LKO to Dres. Spicifically, the version in this file is suited for interplanetary travel. By removing the adapter and the wolfhound third stage and replacing it with a fairing, you get a LKO version capable of lifting heavy space stations and base pieces to the Mun or Minmus. Anyways, it’s a very capable rocket. Click to access KerbalX link. Note, this rocket contains both DLCs.
  11. The Kerb-link challenge’s goal is to launch at at least 4 relay satellites into orbit of a celestial body (not including kerbin) with one rocket. Or 12+ satellites into kerbin orbit. You earn one point for each satillite. Badge: Leaderboard;
  12. Launch 100 relay satellites of some kind into orbit in one rocket. (Like starlink)
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