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  1. Me, until I know that KSP2 will support all the mods I rely on: PRE, MM, BDAc, EVE
  2. Nope @Abel Military Services GET IN THE OSPREY AND BAG SHY GUY
  3. BDAc. Under Countermeasures, there's a smokescreen generator. Alternately. you could use the GAU-8 Avenger, that makes a little smoke, but the smokescreen makes more smoke.
  4. Part 1 of incessant testing of every single aspect of recreating the film 096 in KSP: smokescreen generator car
  5. I take the hill by force with tanks. My hill.
  6. A little late @Abel Military Services you are ordered to recontain 096 now, without scramblers, because all 9 Tau-1 were terminated by 096.
  7. Very excited about the new rover cockpits.
  8. I believe this would work if you only needed a small hole, too? There are going to be a lot of holes in the film.
  9. Recreating 096 (short film) in KSP Currently working on building the main two sets of the first five minutes: the interrogation cell and 096's Stage II containment. Does anyone know how to make it look like the stage I containment (basically a big block of wings) can explode open without killing the Kerbal playing 096?
  10. Beat you to it. @Abel Military Services i have risen
  11. I'm busy playing War Thunder in KSP! TUBM has never heard of Fox codes
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