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  1. Al BEAN in Space: Pt 2 Yum science... uh Jeb you OK? He looks like @SSTO Crasher's old PFP... Going for a high orbit because of science reasons That engine bell is glowing alarmingly. Also, I watched Pe instead of Ap and went a decent way U P Opening science bay High space science for the win! Deorbit burn Seperating the SM from the CM We'll land the CM soon... in Al BEAN 1: PART THE THIRD
  2. Jimmy Kerman did not know what that was and was crushed by an angry mob. SR-73 Yellowbird - E Kerman
  3. "Take 300 units of ore from Eve and deliver it to Laythe." Nope nope nope
  4. This is cruel and unusual punishment by the Geneva Convention: being forced at gunpoint to fly a rocket with a 0% survival and 0% success rate. I'm back!
  5. Update: After a KSP break, I'm back! next episode soon
  6. Never gonna B E A N you up
  7. Mmm... lunch time. Orbit today! Bad design lol This thing ticked me off with the slow acceleration. I turned on the LFO engine about 5 seconds after this. Right after SRB burnout. That LFO engine was super useful. This thing looks a lot like a missile. This bit terrified me. Probably the most seat-of-the-pants flying I've ever done. 2 Whoosh! At the request of @Autochrome, this vehicle has been dubbed the Al Bean 1, as its sister spaceships will go to the Mun.
  8. Val made some very bad decisions with her remaining fuel and accidentally staged her rocket.
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