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  1. One picture can define everything I'm doing today: 4x physwarp, pointed southwest, full throttle. Since I revived this, we've gone a long way - now over 100 km from the crash site!
  2. Floor 4964: A portal to the universe of Eve Online. Utter confusion and nullsec bloc warfare means you are forced to the next floor.
  3. Plenty of images, this one's spoilered.
  4. @damerell would it be acceptable to make the following modifications to my Kerbin Elcano boat? Keel with ballast bulb and rudder Panthers in place of Wheeselys Air intakes replaced with low-speed intakes
  5. After coming back to KSP and some frenetic quicksaving and reloading (kept crashing) With bold Zelkin at the conn, we depart Crash Bay on for the world!
  6. >forgot to pack oxidizer >engines burned out >lost control >flipped >things got spicy >1 kerbal died
  7. Reality counterbans cubism with a steel chair
  8. Banned for [intern, put the reason here].
  9. Floor 4951: This floor is rather interesting, isn't it? You can't phrase anything about it as anything but a question, correct? Is this floor a hot dog water-filled swimming pool?
  10. There may or may not have been a slight oopsie in the construction of my polar orbit space station... tHuNdErBiRdS tO tHe rEsCuE- Back to the drawing board on this design.
  11. I deorbited a bunch of random craft cluttering up Kerbin and spent an hour removing space junk because I was experiencing the Kessler effect.
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