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  1. Me, until I know that KSP2 will support all the mods I rely on: PRE, MM, BDAc, EVE
  2. Nope @Abel Military Services GET IN THE OSPREY AND BAG SHY GUY
  3. BDAc. Under Countermeasures, there's a smokescreen generator. Alternately. you could use the GAU-8 Avenger, that makes a little smoke, but the smokescreen makes more smoke.
  4. Part 1 of incessant testing of every single aspect of recreating the film 096 in KSP: smokescreen generator car
  5. I take the hill by force with tanks. My hill.
  6. A little late @Abel Military Services you are ordered to recontain 096 now, without scramblers, because all 9 Tau-1 were terminated by 096.
  7. Very excited about the new rover cockpits.
  8. I believe this would work if you only needed a small hole, too? There are going to be a lot of holes in the film.
  9. Recreating 096 (short film) in KSP Currently working on building the main two sets of the first five minutes: the interrogation cell and 096's Stage II containment. Does anyone know how to make it look like the stage I containment (basically a big block of wings) can explode open without killing the Kerbal playing 096?
  10. Beat you to it. @Abel Military Services i have risen
  11. I'm busy playing War Thunder in KSP! TUBM has never heard of Fox codes
  12. Jool aerobrake gone wrong TUBM has accidentally set a vehicle to the wrong team while playing with BDA
  13. StuG III assault gun. Is chess a game about nukes?
  14. Ten days ago was the anniversary of the falling star. After suffering a foam strike to the left wing, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on atmospheric reentry, 8:59:32 am EST, February 1, 2003. A hole in the wing from the impact of foam led to plasma ingress to the interior of the left wing. The wing broke off at 9:00:18, and the vehicle tumbled out of control. The bay doors ripped off, exposing the delicate internal structure. Complete breakup occurred, separating the crew compartment from the vehicle, at 9:00:25. By 9:00:35, all seven crew members were unconscious, resulting from the depressurization of the crew compartment. All pieces of the orbiter had struck the ground by 9:35. Between loss of signal and the deaths of the crew, one minute and seven seconds had elapsed. During that time, either Husband or McCool had reset the autopilot, and McCool had attempted to restore hydraulic systems at some point after 9:00:05. Rick Husband, commander, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. William C. McCool, pilot, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. Michael P. Anderson, mission specialist, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. David M. Brown, mission specialist, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. Laurel Clark, mission specialist, died aboard the vessel. You will not be forgotten. Ilan Ramon, payload specialist, died aboard the vessel. איר וועט ניט פאַרגעסן ווערן. Never forget. קיינמאָל פאַרגעסן.
  15. Nope. @Nazalassa It seems that I am late.
  16. Poland is coming soon, along with SCP Foundation and A-10 BRRRRT flags
  17. Where would I edit these settings? Gun, weapons manager, autopilot, 2, all 3, or something else?
  18. The new Mun arch? Time to start designing a Mun lander + Mun rover (I have no idea how to precision land on the Mun)
  19. I'm working on World War I planes for a BDArmory AI project, but my jet engine tomfoolery isn't going so well. Does anyone know of mods that add propellers to KSP?
  20. Installed BDArmory. I CAN FEEL THE POWER-
  21. Crashed my Elcano boat. Time for replacements.
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