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  1. Hello Kerbonauts! This week, the KSP2 Weekly Challenge is Land on Duna. Primary: Land a vehicle (crewed or uncrewed) on Duna. Stretch: Land a crew on Duna, then return them safely to Kerbin. Jeb Level: Land a crew on Ike, take a picture of them with Duna visible in the background. Then land them on Duna and take a picture of them with Ike in the background. Then fly them all home to Kerbin. Val Level (Watney Edition): Land an empty Kerbin return vehicle on one of Duna's polar ice caps. Land a crew somewhere other than the ice caps. Drive that crew, using either a wheeled or aerial vehicle, from the second landing site to the first one. Then return to Kerbin. Happy Launching!
  2. Kerbonauts! Time for KSP2 Weekly Challenge #4 Primary: Recreate the Apollo 7 mission (fly to Kerbin orbit then return to Kerbin) Stretch: Recreate the Apollo 8 mission (fly to Mun orbit, then return to Kerbin) Jeb Level: Recreate the Apollo 11 mission (fly to the Mun, land a crew, return that crew to Kerbin) Val Level: Recreate your favorite rocket (either planned or fictional), land a crew on Duna and return them to Kerbin
  3. Thanks for responding! Here are the in-depth instructions on how to update your game through the PD store https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/instructions If you are still having issue please reach out to PD support: https://support.privatedivision.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. Hello! Did you just purchase the game today or had you purchased previously?
  5. ExtraKerbicular Activities Pt. 3: Attaching Parts 2004528574_KSP2_TikTok_TT1_AttachingParts_V1.mp4
  6. Hello Kerbonauts! The #KSP2WeeklyChallenge is... Land on Minmus! Primary: Land on Minmus. Stretch: Land on Minmus, land on Mun, and back to Kerbin. Jeb level: land on Minmus, deploy rover, drive all the way around, re-board spacecraft, fly back to Kerbin. Val level: all of the Jeb goals, but in a single craft (Hint: make a rover SSTO).
  7. New Extrakerbicular Activities! KSP2_TikTok_T&T1_Fuel_V1.mp4
  8. Please reach out to https://support.privatedivision.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and submit a report!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Having the launcher stay open tends to affect computer performance, as mentioned by a lot of players when we first implemented it for KSP1. We'll look into the best option for players submit feedback while in game.
  10. please contact https://support.privatedivision.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002169593-Kerbal-Space-Program and submit a report!
  11. We're still listening and gathering feedback from all channels! And if you have KSP1, then you already have access to the launcher and can submit feedback using the feedback button. What we wanted was to have an official channel for feedback to come through that the devs can review. We community managers are only human, and sometimes we don't see everything, so if we didn't have an official channel things would get missed.
  12. New Tiktok! 292596691_ExtraKerbicularActivities1.mp4
  13. Hello! If you recently received an email to reset your password, please do not be alarmed. Lately some previously dormant user accounts have been posting spam on the forums, and as a precaution we have requested all dormant accounts to reset their passwords. We apologize for any concern this may have caused. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. -Ghostii-Space, KSP Community Manager.
  14. Hello! As a security measure, all dormant accounts were requested to reset their passwords. This is not due to a breach or anything of that nature, there have been some users accounts that have been compromised in other places (likely because they use the same password for multiple sites) and these accounts have been posting spam messages to the forums. In anticipation of KSP2's launch, we felt it best to make sure that dormant accounts had their passwords reset. If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me! -Ghostii-Space, KSP Community Manager
  15. It's TikTok day y'all! KSP2_ImaLeafontheWind.mp4
  16. Hello! Everything included in the Early Access roadmap will be included in the Early Access price up to 1.0 launch, so no they will NOT be DLCs. @Dogywall
  17. Hello! KerbalEDU is still going, so if you ever need help please reach out to our Private Division support team! As for KSP2, we are considering the possibility of an educational program, but it would not be until well after 1.0 launch.
  18. Hey Kerbonauts! Check out our sneak peek at the new tutorial videos! You don't want to "miss" this: https://youtu.be/-E6DdPjK4Zc
  19. We will not be getting rid of the Forums because we have a Discord now. It's simply another avenue of community interaction and communication.
  20. New TikTok!! KSP2_TikTok_MaybeMaybeMaybe.mp4
  21. Hey Kerbonauts, our Official Discord is now live! Join today and get ready for the launch of KSP2! Join the Discord here!
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