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  1. Due to the formatting of the collage it would probably cut off most of the comic strip. If you have a panel that is KSP art that you want to send us, we can put that in!
  2. Yes! If you send us a jpeg or png copy of the file. If you made a KSP piece and would like it to be included by all means!
  3. Hello Kerbonauts! We want to celebrate the 11th Anniversary with our fantastic community by asking you to send us your KSP art for a collage! Submissions will be open from June 10th through June 22rd, and we will reveal the final result on the anniversary, the 24th. Please send your submissions to [email protected]!  *Please note that we will not accept art that infringes on another IP or art that would be considered explicit.
  4. Hi there! We are still looking into this and appreciate the feedback you have provided on the issue. I hope to have more information for you after the long weekend(Memorial Day for the US). Thanks!
  5. Thanks for pointing it out! We will make sure all those links are updated!
  6. Hello! We plan on getting console caught up with PC this year, but we don't have an exact ETA on when that update will go live at this time. We'll make sure to notify the community as soon as we have more information on that!
  7. NO It is I! Fueled by too much coffee, the elixir of life, I suspect a random @Snark will appear.
  8. I did start playing KSP! I'm still a noob, so I have not added any mods yet! Do you have any good recommendations for a new player? Dang! I only have a measly 230 hours right now.
  9. I have not! I did see that Earthbound 1 & 2 are getting a switch reboot though. Might look into that once it comes out.
  10. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! My name is Virginia and I have recently joined our KSP Team as Assistant Community Manager. I originally hail from Colorado Springs, and I currently live in Washington with my husband, our beloved potatopupper Russett, and our roomates. As a gamer I mostly play PC and the Switch, and I love RPGs, Horror, Simulators, and MMOs. My Top Games right now are FFXIV, Oxygen Not Included, Bioshock, and Portal. Otherwise, I enjoy fantasy books/movies and playing with my pupper. I'm really looking forward to working with you guys and playing KSP!
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