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  1. Maybe in case of the chance of an Astroid hitting you base you could shoot it down
  2. Maybe if all goes well and ksp 2 is on PlayStation they will add sack boys space suit as an exclusive suit varent for PlayStation users (see picture below as refrence) it would be very cool if they did
  3. Im gonna say it when I get hot chocolate packs only using one honestly tastes not as good so for the past month I’ve been experimenting I’ve been using variables such as water amount and heat and came to the conclusion that atleast one and a half tastes pretty good the limit is two packets of hot chocolate powder mix
  4. I want to know if anyone can remember watching a movie they can’t remember the name of for me it’s a movie about the world ending and everyone getting into a huge plane with a garage in it that’s all I can remember
  5. Kickstart my heart by motley crew , and the distance by cake
  6. What’s your favourite food and why
  7. Yeah mostly because I can’t afford a pc right now so I’m saving up but my brother gifted me the ps4 version for Christmas and it’s less bad since I have ps4 pro
  8. Hi everyone this is my son
  9. I love the planet laythe it’s a really cool concept and it weirdly reminds me of club penguin ice fishing so I made a playlist of 80s-90s rock which I think would suite it if you have any good Kerbal songs you listen to while playing tell me
  10. Im new to the ksp community and wanted to say hi
  11. Yo I’m new to the ksp community and just wanted to ask if the game crashes a lot for you all
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