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  1. This isn't working for me. I use a laptop, but I can't go up or down. Anyone else figure out how this is supposed to work for a laptop?
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    1. Madrocketman


      Don't expect much from this lol, I have a life outside of the internet still so I'm not going to be posting often like I did a year ago

  3. It's been nearly a year since I've played Kerbal Space Program. I got busy with College, Job, Friends (dating included,) all that good stuff. Though, one of my favorite easter eggs in KSP recently got a plot development So I decided to open my Upsilon KSP save. (for those who don't know, I lead the effort to create community bases at each of the arches.) So I loaded up each arch The first two look just as they always did. But the third, oh my someone must have crashed into that one real good As the community director of the Frontera Project, this arch was to be preserved to have no hanging bases on it. But we see that our efforts to preserve this arch were in vain. The true tragedy is the loss of the observatory (due to the bright lights), which contributed much science to the Frontera Project. RIP 2021-2023 So I wanted to investigate, a probe was to be launched (not gonna lie, for the first launch I have done in over a year, this launch went successfully well lol) Since we couldn't grip onto the strange material, we just skated towards the edge to get photographs of the lights and the base What a fun launch, I kinda miss KSP. I hope you all have been doing great, it's sure has been a while. I don't know if I will do The Doodling Astronaut again, that YT channel was a thing of the past. But never say never See ya around kerbonauts -MRM
  4. Someone beat me to the punch. As i'm buying new gear soon. It would be nice if we can get an idea
  5. Hello friends, This is Madrocketman (formerly known on these forums as The Doodling Astronaut) For purposes I cannot release publicly yet (it's a project,) I have been researching types of interplanetary engines. I've been researching on what would be the most practical and most likely for a near future civilization a few centuries from now would use. I've been thinking it would be some type of Fusion or Fission reactor engine. But I have also been interested if large Methane engines are possibly the most practical. But I turn to the forums to ask and possibly determine what the most practical interplanetary-civilization type of engine would be. So any suggestions on what type of engines would fit this position the best? Happy launches, -MRM
  6. Ah, i'm not the only one with a horrid June. Cheers to July! And congrats to all the winners for TOTM!
  7. Unpopular opinion: EVA assembly is overrated. Unless you want to break the game...
  8. I do a lot of graphic design and like to make posters, would that count?
  9. Just discovered this, this is a great idea!
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