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  1. @Biggen FWIW, my general method for planning launches leading up to Astrogator transfer times is to check when Astrogator says the transfer should be done, then set a manual alarm (either in KAC or the new stock alarm clock system) somewhere between 5 and 15 days prior to the transfer. Make sure that alarm is set to kill warp. When that alarm goes off, I launch the craft for that mission and stick it in a parking orbit 5-10km above atmosphere. Make sure it's actually ready for the rest of the mission (i.e., I didn't forget anything or goof something up), then warp to the Astrogator transfer maneuver and execute it.
  2. Dropbox doesn't allow embedding images on other sites (or at least, doesn't like it and tries to prevent it). Suggest using Imgur instead.
  3. Here's an annoying little bug: On launch, everything seems fine. Maybe a little excess brightness/saturation on UI elements, but I suspect that's Windows being weird. However, if I make just about any change in KSP's graphics settings, the whole game gets significantly less bright and less saturated, and suddenly my ships become translucent. See screenshot: I thought it might be an issue with Textures Unlimited, but after removing TU (and 3 other mods that depended on it), the problem persisted. Removed Scatterer, problem disappeared. KSP.log from a subsequent test run with slightly older version Scatterer (v0.0830, problem returned): https://www.dropbox.com/s/hs574zsf570sj8k/KSP.log -scatterer transparency bug.txt?dl=0
  4. As best I can tell from looking at its files, the DockingCamKURS mod is already supposed to add ModuleDockingCamera to every part that already has ModuleDockingNode. That said, either [a] it's not actually doing that, something in my setup is breaking it, or [c] I'm missing something in how to use it. :V
  5. Is this supposed to add the docking cam to any docking port, even ones added by other mods? 'Cause either it's not getting added to the ones from Extra Docking Ports, or I'm missing something in how to use it. (Logs here, just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkeac7q30qkm8yg/AADpmIfOc1d476gEFNQb-HMAa?dl=0 )
  6. Welp, I got it working--first with a workaround I came up with myself, and then properly. I decided to try to trim down my mod setup a bit, and in the process I realized I somehow wound up with both Unkerballed Start and Probes Before Crew. PBC was one of about two dozen mods I got rid of, and now MLP's tech nodes are appearing correctly. Not sure if MLP breaking was directly a result of PBC, or some weird interaction between PBC and UKS. I suspect the former, but I can't be arsed to test it. It's working now, that's about all I care about.
  7. To clarify: I have the MLP filter in the VAB/SPH; at present, it only contains the MLP parts that go in pre-existing tech nodes. The MLP parts that go into the new MLP-created tech nodes are absent from the tech tree entirely; this means I cannot unlock them, and by extension, they are not listed in the VAB/SPH parts list at all.
  8. The ones that are in existing tech nodes are there. The ones in MLP's new tech nodes are not, presumably because I haven't (and can't) unlocked them.
  9. KSP.log and ModuleManager.cache in dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkeac7q30qkm8yg/AADpmIfOc1d476gEFNQb-HMAa?dl=0
  10. The icon not connected to anything on the tech tree? That's Blizzy's toolbar with one mod icon on it.
  11. CCK is installed, and I'm not seeing any errors related to CCK or Modular Launch Pads. The nodes are just missing.
  12. I feel like I'm losing my mind; I can't find most of these parts in the tech tree. I've done some looking through the files and configs to find the names of the tech tree nodes I should be looking for, but they don't seem to be present on the in-game tech tree. I'm in Career mode, currently about halfway down the tech tree (around the 550 level), and the only parts from this mod I seem to have unlocked are the very small ones that are in tech nodes that already existed (e.g., the MLP General Mounting Platform in "General Construction"); I don't see the new tech nodes that this mod is supposed to add. I've got a feeling it's some jank resulting from my crazy mod setup, but I don't have a clue how to figure out what exactly is clashing.
  13. Well, I got GU installed and (seemingly) working with the Rescale! Continued 2.5x config, then ran into a bug with ResearchBodies where a bunch of the new GU bodies got marked as discovered and fully researched immediately, and some of the bodies in the Kerbol system that had previously been fully researched were suddenly hidden again. (This seems to be just a bug with ResearchBodies, not with GU as far as I can tell.) Also, apparently one of my probes or something got jank'd out of Kerbol's SOI? I don't see it anywhere, but I got a thing in the in-game message center about it.
  14. I also had that issue that was brought up on the previous page, with bodies being suddenly marked as discovered and fully researched for no apparent reason. Possibly related to that, I just added Galaxies Unbound to my game last night, and not only did several of those bodies start off as discovered and fully researched, but several of the bodies in the Kerbol system that had previously been research-complete (like Vant from MPE) suddenly changed to undiscovered and unresearched.
  15. Now that I've (mostly) wrapped my head around making CLS patches, I'll probably be making them every time I run into a part I'm using that needs 'em and doesn't have 'em already. I'm running ReStock+, so just give it time.
  16. Ah, yeah, that's what I get for not doing proper research before reporting issues. My eyesight is just poor enough and my monitors are just far enough away that I need about 120% to comfortably read things. It's not from opening and closing it repeatedly though; I open it, move it where I want it, and within about 2 seconds it's jumped to the left at least once. Then it keeps doing it every second or two while it's open.
  17. I like the functionality of this, but the panel keeps shifting to the left every few seconds, usually winding up partially off-screen. It might be a weird mod interaction, as I'm running a LOT of mods. I can test it without them, but haven't gotten around to it yet (been busy with other stuff).
  18. Hey, same user as SilverlightPony above, just moved to a new account since this forum software doesn't support changing usernames. Turns out that even with "Allow Unrestricted Crew Transfers" and "Enable Optional Passable Parts" checked, CLS was still blocking crew transfers involving TM4KSP parts, so I worked up a patch to add CLS support to them. I suggest naming the file Ares-CLS.cfg and placing it in the existing Patches folder. All I ask is that the credit comments be left in.
  19. I also have been wanting something like this for ages. Awesome job so far. Would be even better with CLS support. I'm working up my own CLS patch for another mod, shouldn't be too hard to do the same for this while I'm at it. I'll share it here once it's ready. [EDIT] Here ya go. I suggest making a new folder named MM-Patches right alongside the /Localization/ and /Parts/ folders, naming this file ExtraDockingPorts-CLS.cfg, and sticking it in there. All I ask is that the credit comments be left in place.
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