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  1. Best guess, either the vessel has no EC, or you need to upgrade the tracking station (or tweak the RT difficulty options).
  2. Finally; I've been waiting for a 2.5x rescale since KSP2 was released. I just started a new Exploration save with this mod. The boat launch at KSC is unusable, as it's now a couple hundred meters inland, but I wasn't planning to use the boat launch anyway. Slightly more annoying is that there's now a hill cutting across both runways. I'm going to keep using it because 99% of what I do is rockets, but I'd definitely suggest seeing if you can do anything about that. [EDIT] I feel like this inadvertently screws with the gravity. My first attempt at an orbital rocket doesn't have enough thrust to leave the pad, despite the stage info window showing a TWR of like 1.6. Very frustrating.
  3. First time actually using K2D2 and geez the UI is tiny. And there doesn't seem to be any way to make it bigger. This is almost unusable for me; I have to get like twice as close to my screen in order to see what I'm doing. Please add a scaling option (or tell me where it is if it's already there). [edit] Well, the next time I started up the game, it's actually reasonably sized. The only thing that changed I think is that the first time, the game was running at 3840x2160, and this time it's at 1920x1080. So it seems like K2D2 doesn't follow the game's UI scaling.
  4. I've never had that issue as long as I set up the staging properly.
  5. Love this mod. Can you please check the box on Spacedock to have it indexed by CKAN?
  6. Definitely not expecting it any time soon, but once the KSP2 mod-dev scene is a bit more developed, I'd love to see a KSP2 version of this mod.
  7. It's not there for me, only the old v0.1.0.0 download. [edit] never mind, for some reason it showed up in Opera but not Firefox, even after a Ctrl+F5 hard refresh.
  8. +1 hoping for something akin to MechJeb for KSP2 as soon as practically possible, for essentially the same reasons as LameLefty two posts ago.
  9. CommNet is a planned feature, it's just not implemented yet. Personally, I've always preferred RemoteTech, so I'm hoping for a KSP2 version of that sooner rather than later.
  10. I'm certainly not expecting it any time soon, but I dearly hope we eventually get a version of RemoteTech for KSP2. I always preferred the way RT worked over the stock CommNet.
  11. No word on BD Armory itself, but there are two threads on the KSP Modding Society discord server for similar mods. Sticks Armory was the earlier one; Kerbal Konquest is the second.
  12. I ran into this a couple of days ago, and then again yesterday, and this time I was paying a bit more attention. The bugged in-flight staging stack happened either when I accidentally hit the spacebar (triggering staging) on a vessel that had been separated and re-docked (rearranging the staging stack), or when I used the parts manager to manually deactivate an active engine, I don't remember which. But yes, fixing the staging stack in-flight got the empty box removed from the KSC and VAB scenes. I suspect that another (more temporary) workaround might be to switch the flight scene to a different vessel with a non-borked staging stack, but I haven't tested it yet.
  13. I'd bet this is related to the planned ability to recover vessels on any world that has the proper infrastructure once colonies are implemented in the future.
  14. It seems like the devs had the idea to make custom keyboard lighting stuff for KSP2, which is a good idea...but it seems unfinished, leaving most keys dark in the flight scene and the entire keyboard dark in some other scenes, which is a usability problem. It needs to be disabled until it's more complete.
  15. Only my own experience that game-specific modding utilities tend to work better and/or be less confusing, and that a solid majority of the KSP2 mods I've seen so far are built for SpaceWarp.
  16. Counterpoint: I almost always prefer focused tools over generic ones--in this case, I prefer a game-specific solution over a universal Unity solution. I vote SpaceWarp, until we have something more official.
  17. Screenshot in spoiler below (cropped to relevant area). Not sure what caused this, but it pops up every time I enter the VAB, even after restarting the game. It's preventing me from rearranging my staging order. Any ideas how to get rid of this? [EDIT] Well crap, I just noticed it's there on the KSC screen too:
  18. Reported elsewhere in relation to typing in vessel name or save file name. Seems to be an issue where no text boxes block keyboard inputs from other functions.
  19. This happened when I was trying to rendezvous my lander with my orbiter after my Mun landing. I was controlling the lander, timewarping in steps during the rendezvous process, and when I finally got close to the orbiter, it was spinning like mad with parts stretching away from each other. I switched to controlling the orbiter and used a super brief timewarp to kill its rotation, and was left with this (spoiler'd so it can be collapsed to save space): The game thinks all these parts are still connected to each other.
  20. Yep, I've encountered this myself, and have seen several folks on various Discord servers reporting this bug.
  21. I'm having this bug too, as are several people on the KSP subreddit's discord server.
  22. To move the camera vertically in the VAB, middle-click-and-hold in the workspace and drag the mouse up and down. Yeah, it's dumb that the old method doesn't work.
  23. Paused/unpaused notifs stacking up is a known issue. No idea about the outline. From watching Scott Manley's stream just now, apparently the bottom of the Mohole has no collision; he fell through, let it keep falling down to the "singularity kraken" at the gravitational center, and the kraken went YEET and spat him out with enough velocity to escape the Kerbol system.
  24. I'm excited for...basically everything? In particular, proper multithreading.
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