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  1. Thanks peeps. On this occasion, I was building a quad-copter in the VAB (pic1). Each engine was placed upon a 4-sym fuel tank. But since two engines (and rotors) need to revolve in the opposite direction, I was trying to place the engines in 2-sym pairs. I couldn't get it to work. I eventually just placed them in 4-sym, then removed them all from symmetry and set the directions individually. The two rotor co-axial version is better though (pic2).
  2. Thank you miklkit. At least now I know it's not just me. Could it be scatterer, or does everyone have this bad texture?
  3. I'm trying to place two-symmetry parts on a VAB craft, and when the mouse passes over a four-symmetry part, the editor automatically switches me from two-symmetry to four-symmetry before I can place the part. This auto-switching behaviour is frustrating. Is there a way to suspend it? A keyboard shortcut perhaps?
  4. The first image is from V1.12.2 and the second image is from a complete install of V1.12.3. (GOG) When I deleted *.2, I selected the option to keep my saved games. It also retained my mods (Scatterer 'n such). Would that also retain my broken Kerbin Texture? If so, how do I extract the required file(s) only, from the GOG installer? If I do a parallel install, in a different folder, would that reset all the registry entries to the new install and break my 'saved game' install? Is there a way to manually back-up my progress, then do a clean install, then manually restore my progress, so I don't have to select 'keep saved games'?
  5. It runs North/South on the opposite side of Kerbin from the KSP, and it disappears when I get close enough. I have tried '-force-d3d11' and '-force-openg', with no effect. Anyone else have this, or is it unique to my installation?
  6. Why, after I arm my chutes, do large spaces appear between the chute icons? (This is a sandbox test of a 10 seat reusable Mun lander, for career mode tourists.)
  7. Ok. My 'gut' was wrong. [email protected]/s gets you about twice as far as [email protected]/s. The test: A single whiplash engine with a single Mk1 liquid fuel fuselage holding 400 units of fuel and the minimum of aircraft around it. Mechjeb2 autopilot did all the flying. I manually started the takeoff run, and once I was sure the aircraft was rolling straight, I engaged MJ. MJ did the rotation, climb, the entire flight. All flights were runway heading, 090. I did four flights of different speeds (300m/s, 600m/s, 900m/s, 1200m/s), at each of six different altitudes (6km, 9km, 12km, 15km, 18km, 21km), for a total of twenty-four flights. 1200m/s was the limit for overheating. When the fuel ran out and the engine cut off, I immediately pressed F3 to record the range data. After many hours, I learned four things. Firstly, as was said, the higher and faster, the better. Heat friction losses are negligible. Secondly, the heating effects are exactly the same for a particular speed, regardless of altitude. The 1200m/s run would always end with the Mk1 inline cockpit moments away from exploding (full heat bar). Thirdly, I should have used bigger wings. I repeated the last (highest and fastest) run with the same aircraft, but twice the wing area, and got a significant range improvement because of the lower AoA. But this is just supposed to be a test of the engine. And lastly, perhaps most surprisingly (for me), 400 units of fuel and one Whiplash is more than enough to circumnavigate Kerbin along its equator and land back at the KSC with fuel to spare. Who'd have thunk it? The 18km and 21km data is missing a 300m/s run because the autopilot couldn't cope with the extreme angle of attack required when going so slow in such thin air. I spent ages trying to tune the PID but eventually gave up. The results: Horizontal scale is Range in Kilometres. Vertical scale is altitude subdivided into speeds. The duration of each flight was also recorded, but omitted on the chart, since it can be easily calculated. The testbed:
  8. Thanks guys. The twin engine plane in the picture in my OP, is my 'fast recon', and can easily go fast enough to melt. My 'gut' speed of 900m/s is because beyond that, I get some serious heating effects. This implies a lot of energy lost to drag, but I don't know how KSP models that. I've built a small test plane to do some experiments at various speeds and altitudes. Using MJ autopilot for consistency. Assuming I don't get bored, I'll post my results here. BTW. I never use the Rapier. I feel it's 'cheating' to use future tech. My testbed:
  9. Made it with fuel to spare. Thank you. The second plane is my fast recon, used to find and mark the site so my VTOL could head straight there. Now to refuel and fly back to KSC. Is there a complete list of these discoverable sites?
  10. This engine is pretty inefficient at low speeds, but where is the sweet spot? By efficient I mean greatest distance covered for least fuel used. At the moment, my gut says around 900m/[email protected] Has anyone done experiments?
  11. I challenged myself to build a crewed super sonic VTOL that can take off vertically, fly supersonic*, land vertically at the North pole, plant a flag, then return and land vertically at the KSC. I managed to get the flag planted, and I have used about three quarters of my fuel. I'm not expecting to get all the way back to the KSC with this mission, but my problem is this: Which direction do I head? At the north pole, everywhere is south. Where's the closest airfield, and which direction is it? https://ibb.co/zPN9Qzh (*About Mach 2.7) https://ibb.co/zPpL49t https://ibb.co/yF1RjMM
  12. Draft rules updated. Thank you sevenperforce. I like the scoring idea too, though before a final system is agreed upon, I think some balance testing should take place. Might change the name to 'Matryoshka challenge'. Currently, I'm up to two stages, with a third in the works. I think this challenge might end up with some massive first stages that don't fly very far, but boost the score for successive stages.
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