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  1. Ive been looking at the gameplay for ksp 2 and ive noticed that every time a lander is entering the atmosphere of kerbin or jool or what not they dont have any effects whats that all about is there no drag?
  2. i have 16 gb of ram and my processor is an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
  3. i was just wondering if my RTX 3060 Ti will be able to play ksp 2
  4. yeah but when your building interstellar ships that are (at least) 800m to 1.2km in size then something like a mass accelerator on the surface of the mun that is (because this is ksp we have to improvise) 3 km or so or even a stanford tourus no larger than 6km dosen't sound that crazy im not saying that we need o'neil cylinders but mass accelorators, stanford touruses, and maybe even gas giant refineries arent that crazy
  5. it would be cool if you could see what ships are arriving/departing/in flight at a planet/star system when looking at supply lanes
  6. closest stars to earth Considering within a 10 light year range alone there are 11 stars, i'd say about 7-14 maybe more. It would be unrealistic for only 2-5 and as even within a 8 ly range there is 6 stars, but idk maybe im wrong, but to be fair they did say at multiple ponts in the new episode five that the game was huge case and point here, here, and here. Also at multiple points in episode five you can see some stars look "closer" than others, i think its best noticeable here. (you can see two red dwarfs on the bottom right, and and a few stars on the bottom left that look closer than the others but it could just be me)
  7. When travelling at reletivistic speeds even a grain of rice could be fatal to your starship that is why Project Daedalus has that "sheild" at the front of the second stage, my point is what do you think about interstellar debris in ksp 2.
  8. ah yeah i woas thinking the same
  9. what do you think about antimatter engines in ksp 2 do you think they are likely
  10. How big do you think stations will be in ksp 2?
  11. with the recent release of ksp 2 episode 5 how big are the ships going to get
  12. bassically if a kerbal does something "noteworthy" (like get into orbit or land on the mun or go interstellar) they get a "badge" that can be seen if you look at a kerbal in the Astronaut Complex or something it would also be cool if we could memorialize dead kerbals (but this probably deserves a proper thread)
  13. ok well it would atleast be cool if we could have curved station parts so we could make stations like the gateway spaceport or rotating stations without having to use glitches and stuff
  14. they wouldnt have to be to big just large enough to be considered a "habitat" or atleast a space colony i'd say about the size of kalpana one or maybe babylon 5
  15. im not talking about the small ones im talking like o'neill cylinder level sizes
  16. the domes at the tops of the towers and the towers themselves look different.... just wanna point that out
  17. tbh i really dont think ksp should (or ksp 2) should even be on console and making all this just really dosent seem worth it for the devs
  18. its not that i think ftl is bad in general i actually liked the ftl MODS for ksp 1 but it does not fit stock ksp or stock ksp 2 at all
  19. ok so i was looking at the gateway spaceport https://gatewayspaceport.com/the-gateway/how-to-build/ and i was looking at the way they purpose it be built and i was wondering, since we have orbital ship construction why not have orbital station construction, not only would this make for larger stations but also more interesting looking stations. anyway i just had to get that off my mind
  20. no you aren't sublight interstellar travel is possible
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