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  1. Is there a mod that makes the VAB bigger? (Specifically taller) I need this mod for my Ovok mission rocket.
  2. I was taking some ionographers out from my lander/base, it said i dropped them and now i can't pick them up. how do i pick them up, and if i can't how do i delete them?
  3. 1 thing: whenever you build large rockets or space stations, or anything that involves permanent docking, bring backup struts. I learned this the hard way.
  4. When i try to Hohman transfer to the mun at optimum time, It sends me on a collision course. I am orbiting at 400k km and have default settings.
  5. how do i show hidden files, the thread that says how to show them on windows is gone
  6. it wont work it just plays the main menu music while showing the in-game loading screen if u want i could try to send you a copy of my gamedata folder so u could see what's wrong
  7. Uhh what mods here are compatable with 1.12.2? my game wont load i have all of them exept the areonaugtics
  8. Uhh it will only let me install the electrical core and solar core
  9. does it add files to gamedata becaues thats what i do to install mods
  10. Can you make something where i can download all of these at once?
  11. Uhh, i am getting way too many comets and no main belt asteroids/ NKOs. I am using OPM-reconfig, Trans-Neiodon, And stockalike. I am also not getting any Trojans.
  12. I meant that i cant download the cfg files from github it just doesn't have a download button
  13. How do i add the packs for OPM? And how do i even download them
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