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  1. Dres has a ring, as shown in the newest feature video at 9:01. And among other things, there are some really nice shots of Kerbol's planets that we haven't seen before.
  2. Keep in mind that not only did the pandemic happen, but Star Theory Games was completely disbanded around the time of the pandemic. The KSP2 team probably had to deal with major organization issues coming into Intercept Games. On top of that we can see on the KSP2 linked in page, there’s multiple jobs open, including a couple of leadership roles. This would fundamentally slow development of the game as a whole, especially after Star Theory disbanded and Covid hit. I honestly don’t understand what you’re talking about, besides the blurriness of the release date, there have been many updates on the progress of the games like the 14 show and tell videos, 13 Dev Daries, and 4 feature videos. These all show the development of KSP2 in extreme detail that we haven’t seen before. We have also gotten many forum replies from the devs. Intercept games is not a big AAA studio that releases rushed games with a bunch of lies that were promised, it’s from, what I see, encouraged fans (and in some cases developers) of KSP with extensive experience in game development making the most high effort sequel possible. We still don’t know the full reason of why KSP2 has been delayed for 2 years, but it’s a lot more than just the problems/conflicts I mentioned. The developers are also not feeding us “promises”, the only thing you can say that they promised is the release date, but it should be clear to everyone that it’s completely understandable given the situations that the dev team had to go through.
  3. Ovin will most likely be a much harder challenge compared to Eve. In the Ovin show and tell video (linked at the bottom) we can see it has some kind of an atmosphere. It may not be as much as Eve but with a gravity of 4G’s Ovin will clearly be a much harder challenge. If you’re referring the “Super Eve” to be Ovin, I do not think it will be “unrevealed”, there’s already to much detail and time put into Ovin. It was also mentioned by Nate in KSP Future Video : Celestial Bodies.
  4. This is a bit puzzling, especially because you mentioned how you tend to notice the dissonance in the game. I think there still dissonance in the piece since it’s also a bit of a “jazz-ie” piece. Here’s my best analysis right now, but I’ll dig into it with my keyboard tomorrow: I believe the lead instrument some kind of vibraphone. It’s possible it was played with harder mallets with way less yarn than usual making that xylophone-ish sound. The bass in this sounds like a double-bass typically used is symphony orchestras or jazz bands. Like most symphony stringed instruments, these don’t have frets so there is a possibility that the bassist played a microtone but this in this case it’s unlikely that this is actually what you think you’re hearing. From what I’m hearing your probably hearing dissonance, and it’s most likely a tritone. For simplicity let’s say it’s in the key of C, (I can’t check right now since I don’t have my keyboard on me). What you’re hearing is probably the double-bass playing their high F, still assuming this is in the key of C, while the vibraphone is playing a C and whatever other notes their playing in the chord. This would create a tritone or a Cmaj11 chord (C major 11th) assuming every note is covered by the vibraphone or another instrument (which it isn’t). The vibraphone and the bass are maybe playing some variation of the Cmaj11 chord but I’ll really have to check this and look into it more tomorrow when I have my keyboard. Anyways that’s my best explanation as of the moment. I’d also probably be able to deduce something better if you could give me a time stamp, and once I figure this out on the keyboard, but that’s still my best explanation.
  5. Hey Darthgently, I’m not a professional but I do have quite a bit of musical training as well as composition experience myself. Maybe I can take a listen this if you give me the link or a reference to a video? Did you hear this in a specific show and tell video or in one of the feature videos?
  6. Yeah, you make a great point! Even then it still might be further and the rings might be more spread apart than they look just for more plausibility. Also, since Rask and Rusk have their own N-body physics, maybe Shepard moons will kinda make the parts of the ring that are close to it wobble? But I feel like that attention to detail would be insane for the scale of the game. I wonder if there will be more Shepard moons in the game? Maybe in other ringed planets like Ovin and Glumo? I know Shepard moons are quite common in ring systems. I could be wrong though.
  7. Yeah, I have no doubt in my mind that KSP will have graphic settings but I’m wondering if you think that my pc could handle the high graphics. Of course if it can’t I’d just turn them down, but I’d like to experience the game with it’s beautiful graphics. Either way thanks for the response!
  8. Read this a bit and this mostly answers my question. My concern wasn’t that I didn’t have the requirements to meet it, but the requirements to be at the limit/highest possible graphics in the base game. Thanks.
  9. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering the communities thoughts on how well the GTX 960 will handle KSP2. Obviously the game isn’t out yet but just based off your experience with mods and other games. I literally just built this PC with the help of my friends who are much more knowledgeable in building PC’s than I am. Also the reason I have a GPU from 2015 is because it was my friends old GPU and the graphics card market is atrocious right now as well as the foreseeable future. I plan on getting a better GPU later. I’ve tested the computer on a couple games and it seems fine, but all the games I have on it are from my steam library when I used my MacBook for a very limited amount of games (which includes Kerbal). That MacBook being said, I don’t have any demanding games in terms of graphics. Do you think the GTX 960 would be able to handle KSP2 with my other parts? I have a AMD Ryzen 7 and 32 GB of RAM as well as a liquid CPU cooler and I don’t think the rest is too important. - the spy
  10. This is literally so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m actually kinda jealous that I saw this here instead of experiencing it myself when the game launches. I don’t mean any negativity, this is just great! Also, I wonder how Donk, the shepherd moon, is able to be (or look) so big and not tear apart the ring system with its gravity. I bet it just looks bigger and the rings are more spread apart than they look because I know the team really likes getting the science right.
  11. Just looking at this amazing scenery and how well detailed everything is for such a massive game. The graphics are so pretty and I honestly don’t know if a gtx960 could handle top graphics. I just built my PC and the only reason I have a 960 is because it’s my friends old one, hehe. I have a great CPU though and a sturdy amount of RAM. Just hoping I can run this game on the best settings when it comes out.
  12. I think this is great as a fan made attempt but as a music composer myself, I feel like it gets too “retro-y” if that make sense. I guess it’s kinda what Askerad does. All this cool music in the show and tells and other sneak peeks we get sound so cool. I have so many thoughts a questions like if planets or moons will have their own music and if music changes depending on location. I hope the music is more than a randomized playlist of Howard’s amazing music.
  13. Hi Everyone, this question is mostly directed to the developers of KSP2 but all are free to ponder and respond to my question. I’ve heard that in KSP2 the tech tree will be expanding a whole lot into interstellar technologies, although I haven’t heard anything on the early game tech tree (or what KSP1 tech tree has already implemented). Will have any changes to it? I love seeing diversity in parts and how cool rockets and specifically landers can look but currently there are only 2 landing modules (alternatively lander cans) in the base KSP1 tech tree. I feel like this is too little even with the additional landing module in the Breaking Grounds expansion. Additionally there are only 6ish normal Command Modules in the KSP1 tech tree, I feel like this too little with the scale of KSP2. Will there be more part diversity especially with modules in KSP2 and just in general with early game tech tree parts? I understand if the question still can’t be answered if the game developers feel like answering a question like this might be too revealing before launch. Needless to say, I’m still really excited for Kerbal Space Program 2. The developers of the game are some of the best most active developers, especially Nate Simpson who is such a good person to be representing Kerbal Space Program 2. Thanks for taking the time to read! - the spy
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